a big jumble of frames from our 10 days on the big island of hawaii with jaclyn's parents, sisters, and our collective gaggle of children.
leica mini 2 and nikon F3 with 35f1.4 // trip-x developed at home in rodinal
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it's been a busy year so far, here's some random bits and pieces of it in no particular order. unfortunately (for my workload) but fortunately (for our memories) this is only a small dent in the mountain of film i have waiting to process and scan.
^ jasper's favorite position to play in soccer is goalie. he's actually pretty good at it when he's not talking to other people or picking a wedgie.
^ "no jasper, you can't cut a bagel with a butter knife."
^ sisters.
^ happy 31 love.
^ making a bird trap while wearing my shoes.
^ trying on new jeans
^ jasper getting scored on
^ "mom, i opened my applesauce and it shot on me."
^ snuggles. every night.
^ pre haircut
^ post haircut
^ kaisers and ellsworths home school nerdery at the natural history museum los angeles.
^ sunrise easter morning service with the mckeeman.
^ "what fair lady shall win the rose of our mighty warrior?"
^ this one.
^ major mckeeman playing bop-it in his office.
^ chicago
^ hide and seek champion.
^ grace on her way to 5th grade camp!
^ idyllwild hiking
^ me, waiting to eat my first american meal after being in tanzania for three weeks.
^ happy birthday america.
^ back seat shenanigans. not sure why grace has a chinese finger trap on?
^ french toast mountain for grace's 11th birthday.
minolta autocord, hasselblad 500cm, rollei 2.8, leica mini 2, nikon f3, and polaroid 180 / all tri-x all the time.
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grace's friend bentley came to visit back in april, unfortunately they couldn't quite shake jasper, annoying little brother extraordinaire.
minolta autocord and nikon f3 with 35f1.4 / kodak trip-x developed at home in ordinal
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i pray he never stops asking questions.

round one / round two / round three
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...but here is the day he turned 6.
polaroid SX-70 / expired polaroid type 779
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sixteen years ago this stunning curly blonde haired 15 year old girl walked into high school church youth group and no joke, the moment I saw her I knew I was going to marry her. three years later we were married and a year after that we had grace. jaclyn turns 31 today which means she's officially known me over half her life. it's a testament to her patience, understanding, compassion, and grace that she's stuck by me all these years. she inspires me every day and enriches the lives of anyone who knows her. happy birthday my love!
polaroid 180 / fp3000bw
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we spent 10 days on the big island of hawaii with jaclyn's parents, her sisters, and our collective gaggle of children back in august. i've got way too many rolls of 35mm film waiting to be developed and scanned from the trip but i already made it through the few rolls of medium format i shot so here they are.
^ much to jasper's dismay, you can't get close enough to ride the sea turtles.
^ jasper was obsessed with finding fallen coconuts.
^ jaclyn's father wayne.
^ not sure why grace was squirting water on her face, but she sure thought it was funny.
^ jasper found more coconuts.
^ hiking through KÄ«lauea Iki Crater in volcanoes national park.
^ thanks for the photo grace :)
^ after 30 minutes of trying i threw in the towel on trying to split open the coconut jasper found, so he employed grandpa's help.
^ an hour later he had his coconut...and the most bestest cheesiest smile to go with it.
^ the whole reason we were all there, jaclyn's unbelievably amazing parents wayne and denise. they made and raised the perfect wife for me and brought us all to hawaii...i won the in-law lottery :)
minolta autocord / tri-x developed at home in rodinal / scanned on epson v700
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