salton sea manifesto

today, i am going to be a photographer.

i am not going to edit photos. i am not going to email. i am not going to devlop marketing plans. i am not going to answer the cell phone. i am not going to design a wedding album. i am not going to tech support a million random office problems. i am not going to surf the web. i am not going to stress.

today, i am going to be a photographer.

today i am heading out on a mini mancation with doug b and jay reilly to the salton sea for a day of fun, exploration, and picture taking. as our photo business continues to flourish it becomes harder and harder to find the time to do photography for photography's sake. the kind the made me fall in love with this wonderful medium....that kind that was only for me. so today i head out to try to rekindle a bit of that flame. wish me luck...

here is a picture i took back in 2002 at salton sea...on film! stay tuned for some more current images tomorrow!



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