over the past few months we've been shooting just about all of our everyday life, trips, random crap, etc. with our new favorite little camera, FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI seriously, if you're a photographer, an amateur, a mom, a person with eyeballs...YOU NEED ONE OF THESE! they work just like the recently discontinued polaroid stuff, but you can actually still get film without selling a kidney to get it :) INSTAX FILM typically runs about $1 an image to shoot versus the $4 plus for any of the remaining polaroid film that's floating around. we shoot a lot on the INSTAX MINI which outputs small credit card sized (2"x3.5") photos and have also been shooting a lot with the larger FUJIFILM INSTAX 200 WIDE which is gigantic and delivers a 2.5"x4" photos.

anyway...since we've been shooting so many instax photos, they were starting to pile up all over the house by the hundreds. our old big picture over our living room mantle was of just us and grace (PJY: pre jasper years) so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and came up with a little something like this...
all of the instax photos are just held on the wall with clear thumbtacks...easy...although my pushing thumb was completely raw and blistered by the time i was finished :( in order to keep everything in the right shape, i measured out the heart so it was symmetrical and taped out the outline with blue painters tape. BOOM.
has anyone else come up with any cool ideas for what to do with all of their instax photos? if so, leave your idea in the comments...we've got more piles of instax to use up :)


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