the wu wedding

april 21st . 2007

we've been looking forward to jon and sheryl's wedding every since their awesome engagement session a few months ago. their wedding was a loooooong day that had us starting at 8:00 in the morning and wrapping up around 9:00 that evening! we couldn't think of two kinder, more lighthearted people to spend a thirteen hour day with! also, this wedding officially marks the start of our wedding season!!!

sheryl reading a sweet little note from her friend in the morning.
sheryl showing off her magic hand skillz :)
the flower girl and ring cute!
one of the things we love about weddings is that we always get to see somthing new!!! for jon's prep, his best man's tie was too big so they ended up stapling the back of it to take up the extra slack!
here we have the reaction of what happens when the groomsmen get really bored, start playing with walkie talkies, and one of them brings one to the restroom...i'll let your minds fill in the rest :)
most asian weddings have a lot of cameras around...but this guy was shooting two handed!
sheryl with her dad before the ceremony...notice sheryl's "bribe" candy to get the ring bearer and flower girl to cooperate :)
jon and sheryl were all laughs during their beautiful ceremony...
i think the only spot of color we saw all day in the vast beige world that is rancho bernardo was in the church lobby where there was this art project grid of color naturally we took advantage of it for the bridal party photos.
then it was finally time for some shots with sheryl and jon around the church grounds...
then back into the limo where their bridal party was waiting to toast them!
after a small break it was off to pearl chinese restaurant in rancho bernardo for the reception...where we found the maid of honor re-writing her toast :)
and the reaction...
for those of you that haven't attended large chinese receptions before, they always have games to be played while everyone is eating thier ten course meal. well sheryl and jon had a really fun game where they each had each others head on a stick, they then faced back to back and had to answer a series of questions of "who would...." by holding up the appropriate was hilarious!!!
there was also a LOT of clicking of the's jon showing how the smooching is done!
toasting the tables!
the rings on chopsticks.
you didn't think we would see those heads and not put them to good use did you?!?!?!?!?


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