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life as an artform.

we just finished up an awesome week hosting jesh de rox at our studio for his life as an artform workshop. even though i was there as a guest speaker, i was also lucky enough to be able to attend all three days as well. i've got so say...these past three days have been so moving it's nearly impossible to put into words. our small group of ten attendees was such a beautiful group of people i feel so blessed to have met. we laughed, we cried, we had a surprising number of hilariously funny crude jokes, and lots of made up words to help put into words abstract things that only the heart can say. we are so proud to call jesh a friend...he is a beautiful man and we are so blessed to have shared a small piece of his journey. to top it all off, today is jesh's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

our dear friends michael and nellie came out on wednesday to be our fantastic models! here is my favorite image from my quick session with them. the beautiful connection they share was so inspiring to all of us, thanks guys!
oh, and please don't the whole week was full of philosophy and meditation...we had a blast! case in point...see the lovely animation of jesh "connecting" it up with michael and nellie :)


B&H photo and video


we're finally getting our studio together and getting moving on something we have been looking forward to for a very long time...HUGEALICIOUS canvas prints for the walls!

* the first one will be 36x52 inches, the second and third will be 40x60 inches each and mounted together, the fourth will be 20x70 inches...ooooooooo we can't wait to see!!! they should all be here and mounted on the walls in the next couple weeks so we'll be sure to post some pics :)



droppin like it's hot...HAPPENINGS!

it's official, we're almost a real business...eek! we're going to be putting out a new email newsletter called "HAPPENINGS"...if you'd like to stay in the know on all the latest news, promotions, shootshop announcements and any other randomness here at the image is here to join our list!


borrow lenses

a note from the blogmaster...

...full of randomness. there are a few little things i'd like to wrap all up into one post here :)

* you may have noticed we've added a welcome post at the top of the blog here. say hello, shake it's hand, bump and grind on it, whatever...just get used to it because it will always be there to greet you when you stop by. we realized after analyzing our blog stats that a large number of new visitors stop by here every day and some might not know what the heck is going on 'round these parts so that should serve as a small intro :) *please note* new posts will go below the welcome post!

* we've also added a fun little twitter box at the top. what is twitter you may ask...well it's a cool little online community basically full of lots of mini blog posts that you can subscribe to and follow what your peeps are doing. for us, it's a quick way we can spout off whenever little things happen that might not warrent a whole blog post. the coolest part is, we can update it through text messaging on our iPhone!

* HOLY MOLY...WE'RE CLOSE TO BREAKING 5000 COMMENTS ON THIS BLOG IN UNDER A YEAR!!! we'd like to offer a very heartfelt thank you to all of you that have taken time out of your day to write us so many kind notes filled with encouragement and enthusiasm! on a random comment sidenote, if you comment with a question, please be sure to leave your email address so we can get back to you when time permits :)

* the wedding season is almost drawing to a close for us...we have four more weddings this year! after the last wedding of the year, we're going to have another awesome one ring to rule them all contest! we've also got a really fun project in the works regarding rings...stay tuned in for more details :)

* we know many of you are waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for us to announce new shootshops...well jaclyn and i are trying to iron out some dates that will work out for us...kaiser baby v2.0 seems to be the "X" factor here and we're trying our best to plan around our little bun in the oven :) we've got some really fun stuff in the works...thank you all for your patience!

* over the course of the next couple months we will be working hard on a top secret project with our fabulous blog designer...stay tuned for more juicy details :)

* to all of our clients...we are so far behind on blogging! we have one wedding from august, four from september, one so far from october, a bazillion portrait and engagement sessions, etc, etc, etc. now that we're over the shock of being home from vacation, we'll be slowly but surely posting lots of work we'll really excited about over the next few weeks!

* since we try to never post without a is a random one of grace shopping with us in target :)


renaissance albums

AGWPJA...sweeping it up!

*warning* blatant back patting ahead *warning*

i just found out i placed a bunch of images in the most recent artistic guild of the wedding photojournalist assosciation contest! these recent wins place me as the number four artistic wedding photojournalist in the world! so now if one of those darn top three guys gets disqualified for their rampant steriod use, dog fighting, etc. i might just break into the top three ;)



canada . the gallery prints

due to many comments and email requests, we have made a small selection of fine art images from our canada travels available for purchase! here's your chance to have a little piece of kaiser history on your walls forever :)

please view the gallery by clicking here.



new grace print...and a PROMO!

ironically enough, we actually don't order that many prints for our walls in our own home...not becasue of lack of desire or lack of good images to choose from...but because we are just swamped! well i suppose our walls aren't that blank ;) anyway, we loved this pinktastic image so much we immediately ordered a 24x36 inch standout print for grace's room....well we just hung it this morning and it looks fantastic over her big girl bed!!!

* a special note to clients...24x36 isn't that big...especially when you're looking to fill a decent sized wall ;) in this case, this 24x36 mounted standout print fit perfectly above a twin bed.

** PRINT PROMOTION COMING AT YA!!! ** ANY 24X36 INCH PRINT OR LARGER ORDERED BY SUNDAY 9/2 WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT! so photographers...if you've seen any fine art prints you've secretly wanted from this blog, now's your chance! clients...huge photographic prints whoop the poo out of thomas kinkade paintings anyday so lets fill up some of that wallspace :) if you'd like to take advantage of this promo, send us an email with "supersize me" in the subject line and what you'd like and we'll get that party shakin.

p.s. you can find our current print price list here.


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

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