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photographed on nikon D700 / 35F1.4 and processed with fuji 800Z from VSCO FILM



sometimes all you need is a wall and a milk crate.
photographed on nikon D700 / 24F1.4 and processed with trix ++ from VSCO FILM



photographed on nikon D700 / 35F1.4 and processed with portra 800 from VSCO FILM



one of our favorite families, photographed in our favorite city on earth, san francisco :)
photographed on nikon D700 w/ 24F1.4, 35F1.4, 50F1.4 and processed with VSCO FILM



we're importing people from colorado for family portrait sessions now...
photographed on nikon D700 w/ 24F1.4, 35F1.4, 50F1.4 and processed with VSCO FILM



lucy and seth came, saw, tisch-ed, badeken-ed, ketubah-ed, and hora-ed the heck out of their wedding day.
coordinator - - - > MRS EVENTS
florals and decor - - - > ADRIANNE SMITH FLORAL DESIGN
hair and makeup - - - > LOVESTRUCK

photographed on nikon D700 w/ 24F1.4, 35F1.4, 50F1.4, 85F1.8 and processed with VSCO FILM


introducing...BIG WHITE BOX

we are so excited to announce BIG WHITE BOX, our new studio for fresh, clean, personality filled portraits of kids. when we built out our new studio, we couldn't wait to fill it with crazy kiddos and create portraits of them they wouldn't be embarrassed by when they grew up. we are loving every second of these sessions and invite you to come take a look at what it's all about!

please stop by and take a peek around the big white box site - - - > THEIMAGEISFOUND.COM/BIGWHITEBOX

p.s. we hate to break it to you, but the holidays are right around the corner and if you or any of your friends are looking for radical pictures of your kids before the holidays, now's the time to book your session! please EMAIL US for more info or to schedule your session.



...we celebrated our nine year anniversary by eating our way down the san diego coastline...smileboothed...traveled to the bay area and spent one of our favorite days ever exploring point reyes...spent the last days of summer enjoying the pacific ocean...nate traveled to boulder colorado for a shoot...the loin fruits rode bikes...looked adorable in our room...and holy crap our daughter grace turned EIGHT!

much much MUCH more life, love and laughs here - - - - - > OUR PERSONAL BLOG



michael and nellie, two of our favorite people on the planet, made rock, one of our favorite little people on the planet. this is what a few hours around their life looks like...



we've had a studio space (our old studio) since back in the beginning of 2005, and earlier this year when we were finally finishing off our lease we went out on the hunt for a new and improved space to house the image is found. our previous studio space was 800 square feet of loft space on the second story of a pretty janky building in downtown oceanside. we made the best of what it was but after many years of dealing with the no parking, a shared bathroom with all the other tenants (one of which was a nasty barber shop who insisted on shaking hair out all over the toilets in the bathroom), no street visibilty, no heat or AC, and a nose melting odor from the nasty pizza shop downstairs, we knew it was time to move on. in looking for a new space our "must haves" list was as follows:

* street visibility
* our own bathroom
* our own parking
* larger than 800 sf to accommodate a meeting area, work space for three people, and a shooting space
* a landlord that would allow us to do whatever we wanted to the space
* close to our home in oceanside

well after looking for weeks at many bleak options, we finally stumbled upon a newly vacated space right down the street from our house. like, exactly one mile from our house! it sits smack dab on pacific coast highway right near the juncture of oceanside and carlsbad just a few blocks from the cool breeze of the pacific ocean. this space met everything on our list&street visibility? yup, over 2500 cars per day pass by! our own bathroom? yup. private parking? yup, four spots! bigger than 800sf? yup, 900sf. chill landlord? yup. close to our house? yup. we were giddy.

after some lease negotiations, lots of "oh my crap should we do this" conversations between us, we pulled the trigger, signed the lease and got the keys to our new space in the middle of february. party on.

oh crap.

what happened over the next three months preparing the studio for it's grand opening was nothing short of insanity. we we started to conceptualize and design out the space we said a simple little sentence that would make our lives a living oh my crapfest, "let's build everything from scratch." in hindsight, that little sentence was a pivotal moment in the project, it was the source of endless frustrations, but also the source of our greatest inspiration and innovation moving forward. our previous studio basically looked like an IKEA catalog, i think literally everything in there was from the big blue box, minus our office chairs. our personal challenge started with "let's not buy anything at IKEA this time" and slowly morphed into building essentially everything for the new space besides our chairs and the couch. home depot became our second home with well over one hundred trips there over the course of our build. the only things we didn't do ourselves for the build was a wall demo, painting, and putting epoxy on the floors&everything else was done my myself, jaclyn, my father (who's skill, patience, and sacrifice was an absolute life saver), and a few wonderful friends who came by to help out.

throughout the entire build we kept a tumblr with updates of all the projects and behind the scenes photos of the buildout, you can check that out here - - - >

below are a few random photos from the buildout....

finally...after three solid months of blood sweat and tears and working literally down to the very last minute before our studio grand opening party at long last...IT WAS TIME TO PARTY!!!

our dear friends from SHADE TREE FILMS put together this documentary of our grand opening, and i know we're totally biassed since finishing this place was like giving birth, but we think it's the best video ever made. a million thank you's friends :) :) :)

our grand opening night is still a complete blur to us, but the support, congratulations, and encouragement we felt from the 100+ friends, family, and clients that evening was second only to our wedding day. luckily there were plenty of photographers there, which we supplied with a bunch of instax cameras and plenty of film which they made good use of...check out all of the INSTAX PHOTOS FROM THE GRAND OPENING.

our SMILEBOOTH was also in full robot party mode all night...clicky click the video below to see all of the pictures very very fast.

below are some images of the studio completely finished just minutes before the first guests arrived for the grand opening. a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to our dear friend nellie from STEMS DESIGN STUDIO for providing the florals and decor bits for the party. another GIGANTIC thanks to our dear friend ashley parsons who along with her husband and fellow mammoth man jeremy flew all the way out from kansas city to attend and take these fantastic photos of our space.

a million thanks could never be enough to truly express our gratitude to the following friends for the parts they played in helping make our studio and grand opening party amazing. hugs and high fives friends!





THE FLASHDANCE - provided a custom playlist made specifically for our grand opening party, which we still listed to almost daily we love it so much. if you'd like to make your ears happy, you can download the playlist here ---> part one ---> part two ---> part three (right click/save as to download)




now that the studio is finished and we've been settling in for a few months we can't wait to share what we've actually be using it for...but that will have to wait for another post another day :)


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