Jonathan Encarnacion: Looks like the kids had a blast! (3.30.10 @ 8:30am)
Trude: Hooray for Idyllwild! Looks like an awesome trip! Really love that last series of you guys with the kiddos near the picnic table. :) (3.26.10 @ 11:50am)
Janel Erikson: Thank you so much for starting this new blog. You guys inspire me so much, and as a photography student, I do love to see your wedding images, but I love to see what you do when you don't have to worry about pleasing anybody! Please keep doing what you're doing, you are by far my favorite blog. (3.25.10 @ 5:33pm)
candice Brooke: AWWW Can we go back!!!! We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us! (3.24.10 @ 6:18pm)
Sarah: I've followed your main blog for awhile and I just have to say--I obviously don't even know you--but you guys seem like the sweetest, coolest family! Love seeing all your great shots! (3.24.10 @ 5:43pm)
alec vanderboom: you guys are awesome. and your kids are awesome. im a big fan of the stage 5 meltdown. (3.23.10 @ 9:13pm)
clarissa: Hey what do you do with all these photos? Do you guys have some cool Family Album system? Are your printing all of these? (3.23.10 @ 1:11pm)
Emilie: Great photos!!! I love the one Grace took of both of you. She is already a fab photographer!! :) (3.23.10 @ 12:33pm)
danielle: i loooove these! grace's hair is getting so long, she's so cute :) and i like the pic where jac looks like she is missing her middle finger....see if you can spot it ;) (3.23.10 @ 12:24pm)
Leilani: The 3rd photo - of Jaclyn and Grace is gorgeous, such beautiful girls. I am so jealous of your kids! They will have so many great photo's to look back on. And they have such cool clothes! (3.23.10 @ 11:41am)