kbreints: fantastic freckles :) Such a beautiful girl! (7.21.11 @ 8:23pm)
K: gorgeous girl! (7.21.11 @ 1:55pm)
Catherine Lucas: When did she turn 8? I keep thinking she is four... ;o)) Gorgeous girl! (7.17.11 @ 3:42pm)
Savannah Lauren: Grace is beautiful and so full of beautiful life. :) (7.14.11 @ 1:33pm)
kelli taylor: So pretty! (7.12.11 @ 7:41pm)
Lindsay: Beautiful photos. You have wonderful children. You should know I look to you for inspiration as a parent :) (7.12.11 @ 2:08pm)
lroah: Seriously, your kids make me melt, and they aren't even mine!!! Must be the photos. ;) (7.12.11 @ 1:24pm)
Emilie: These photos are so sweet. Gracie is beautiful! (7.12.11 @ 12:09pm)
Melanie Watson: Such a beautiful little lady you have. Love her scrunched up little nose laugh. Time flies when life is good. :) (7.12.11 @ 11:40am)