Paco and Betty: Amazing, I love the way you show your life to us :) -Whitney (7.19.11 @ 3:19pm)
catherine Lucas: Love all the New York shots. Had a short trip from behind my computer with you guys! How wonderful to have a father daughter stay in the city of cities. Great photographs, just what I would expect to see from you in NY. Great stuff! Can't believe how misty it was on the boat... (7.17.11 @ 3:41pm)
Jim Dawson: Just found your blog - your aproach to photography is an " ahah " moment to me ! To take images for fun & get it right - does it get any better ? Thank you for total inspiration :) (7.17.11 @ 2:54am)
Rachel Pick: Love the images but even more that you did this trip with your daughter. These pictures are inspiring to me & my man for a family and becoming friends with our kids one day. Nicely, nicely done. (7.12.11 @ 12:06pm)
Sharon: Not sure if it was because of my advice via tweet, but glad you went to Otto for dinner and enjoyed it! My husband is the exec chef and I worked there for 4 years! I love your personal blog. It's my favorite. Grace, you're beautiful. (7.12.11 @ 11:14am)
rich: beautiful stuff - i've passed by that statue many times and i had no idea that was what it was! (7.7.11 @ 8:34am)
Liesbeth Parlevliet: I love each and every one of them but the one that really got to me is the one where Grace is running through the hallway of the library. GORGEOUS LIGHT!!! (7.6.11 @ 2:04pm)
Nic: The perfect gift, for both of you. The eye for detail Grace will possess as a young woman..Priceless (7.6.11 @ 4:31am)
Laura: I love how you see! (7.5.11 @ 8:26pm)
Bethany: adorabs (7.5.11 @ 4:23pm)
Nick Radford: So rad Nate. Unbelievable set. (7.5.11 @ 10:46am)
chan: raw talent (7.5.11 @ 9:38am)