bobbi: HAAAAA!!!!!!! I love this blog :) (5.16.11 @ 10:33am)
AmyinMI: Hysterical! So cute! (4.26.11 @ 3:20pm)
Savannah Lauren: ahahhahahaha. :D SO CUTE AND HILARIOUS! (4.18.11 @ 3:22pm)
kbreints: OH GAWD! SO FUNNY! (4.14.11 @ 7:12pm)
April Williams: I'm pretty sure this just made my day. Thank you for the laugh. Jasper is adorable! (4.14.11 @ 8:50am)
Kelli Nicole: Haha!! I love how he just says it over and over and over again. (4.13.11 @ 9:41am)
Kirsten Mavric: My 18 month old keeps trying to say Clock but can't say his Ls ;) (4.13.11 @ 5:05am)
johnwaire: ...that is hilarious! (4.13.11 @ 4:21am)
Austin: Let's talk numbers here. What are the odds Jasper becomes the next "monsters going to come kick my ask" clip, or ends up on tosh? This is gold, one of the best videos yet! (4.12.11 @ 11:11pm)
Chung: That's so falcon awesome! (4.12.11 @ 9:38pm)
jan: i. cannot. breathe. (4.12.11 @ 9:13pm)
Geoff Heith: Hahaha.... Man that's Sofa King Great! (4.12.11 @ 8:51pm)