samm blake: I love love love these! (3.30.11 @ 9:42am)
Lyndzee: He is so stinking cute and has great hair. Maverik has a cul-de-sac. (3.14.11 @ 8:18pm)
Falyn: Awesome shots and such a cute little man! And love the name, I have a Weston, too! (3.1.11 @ 11:04am)
sarah: you guys are my heros...! awesome work...again! (3.1.11 @ 9:49am)
Rich Park: great shots! he's a cute little buddy. (2.28.11 @ 9:23am)
angie: CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2.28.11 @ 12:31am)
kbreints: Oh goodness. What a perfect little boy! Great shots! I am sure they will be treasured. (2.27.11 @ 1:23pm)
Kim newsom: Hes beautiful (2.27.11 @ 9:58am)
Emilie: Wow you rock at baby pics!! How did you use the 50mm macro on these session? I have it but don't use it as much as I should. Adorable baby!! (2.27.11 @ 9:03am)
Ted McAusher: Beautifully done.. (2.27.11 @ 8:43am)
irene: he's got some jasper in him ... (2.27.11 @ 3:17am)