jacq: lol.. grace and my keegan make the same dance face (3.16.11 @ 9:18am)
Amanda Hagood: HAahhahahaaaha!!! I can only assume they learned these awesome moves from their parents :) WIN! (2.27.11 @ 8:02am)
molly: the butty-shake and the armpit-fart are officially my new favorite dance moves :) love them! (2.17.11 @ 1:13pm)
Rich Park: EPIC WIN! (2.17.11 @ 7:27am)
Kaysha: So. Darn. CUTE!! (2.17.11 @ 3:49am)
Austin: #joy (2.16.11 @ 11:17pm)
Kelli Nicole: Hilarious. They have some wicked moves! (2.16.11 @ 11:03pm)