smittengreta: ya'll are so amazing. if there were 2 of me, i'm pretty sure one of them would look at your pictures all day every day <3 (1.18.11 @ 9:43pm)
Alana: I just LOVE tri-x! Awesome and amazing images!! (11.12.10 @ 1:11am)
tiny twig: these are BEAUTIFUL. (10.27.10 @ 8:04pm)
Jamie: I think I love Jasper and would like it if you'd send him to me. That is all. (10.21.10 @ 8:58am)
christine hall: I think these are my favorites you have taken. dang you guys are good. (10.19.10 @ 5:44pm)
Rog: no comment. (10.19.10 @ 10:18am)
Gail: These are probably my favorite photos of yours you've ever taken. And that's saying a lot. Love how they are so timeless. And your wife is so beautiful (10.19.10 @ 8:53am)
Aubrey McCoy: Man these are absolutely beautiful. Beautiful family beautiful photos. (10.19.10 @ 7:09am)
steph: these are so beautiful! the texture and tone of the sand is visually perfect in black and white and with your film choice. exciting images. i really loved looking through this set. truly. xos (10.18.10 @ 12:26pm)
erika verginelli: these kids are so lucky to have so many beautiful images to show to their children and grandchildren when they grow up! (10.18.10 @ 11:35am)
Janine Vieira: beautiful family! (10.17.10 @ 8:46pm)
Jessica: I love your work and come to both of your blogs often. Your fam is beautiful! I was born on Lake Michigan in a small town called Grand Haven...are any of your pics from there? I am also loving your comment about the lake being like the ocean b/c most people just don't get it! (10.17.10 @ 8:29pm)
kathleen: bliss! what an awesome family. best vacation photos ever. (10.16.10 @ 9:27pm)
Colibriphoto: I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I really like the high noise (high ISO ?) effect! Great souvenirs! (10.16.10 @ 10:48am)
lroah: Love. Love the way you live your life and capture it while doing so. :) (10.16.10 @ 9:54am)
kelli taylor: will you and your camera come to the beach with me? (10.16.10 @ 9:11am)
Carla: Wow, great set of pictures. :) (10.16.10 @ 8:35am)
Emilie: great pics!! (10.16.10 @ 8:01am)
carrie: love. love. love. love. love. (10.16.10 @ 7:57am)