playgrounds, ducks, and the franklins

yesterday we had the chance to hang out with our good friends the franklins at guajome park in oceanside. we've known matt and amy since high school, but now that we're all grown up it is so hard to make time to hang out :( luckily our schedules meshed and we were able to go to the park with all the kids for a little picnic, duck feeding, and playing around.

the ducks at guajome lake are insane...they will attack for bread!

grace on the run from the crazy geese!
jac enjoying her favorite beverage :)
the always smiling amy :)
matt and amy's oldest son caleb (very forcefully) throwing bread to the ducks.
grace and caleb having a blast "driving" the big plastic fire engine...i LOVE this shot!
the franklin's youngest son andrew...and caleb again. i love the look on his face...he looks so bewildered...obviously he doesn't have two photographer parents always pointing big black cameras at him :)
and one last one of caleb riding down the twisty slide on his back...


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