the rolling hills, the restored barn, the record breaking heat, the humidity that gave way to a summer thunderstorm, the song angela's son sang to her and mike during the ceremony, the goats foraging for food on the farm, the bugs that would scatter and fly in front of your feet like waves as you walked through the field, the birch arbor that mike made with his own hands, the incredible locally sourced menu, the smiles and hospitality of every family member and guest, the instant welcome and friendship of angela and mike...these are just a few of the many things that leave us with warm, fuzzy feelings whenever we look back on angela and mike's celebration.
VENUE // SOUTH POND FARMS . PONTYPOOL, CANADA < - - - brides, grooms, photogods: please please please get us back here to photograph again :)

photographed on nikon D700 / 28F1.8 / 50F1.4 / 85F1.8 and processed with PORTRA 160VC+VSCO FILM PACK 02


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