what's the best way to start out one of the most exhausting weeks of the year? with two shootshops in vegas right before WPPI of course! :) we had an absolute blast meeting 44 new photofriends at our two shootshops in vegas...we seriously couldn't have asked for two cooler groups of people!!!

for our demo shoots on each day we took a party bus out into the desert to a big open drainage was awesome :) luckily no one died or broke an ankle trucking down into the ditch....the only casualty was one of our pocketwizards that fell off our lightstick, down the ditch during an off camera lighting demo :( our models both days we super duper, a huge thanks to josh and kelly for modeling on friday and brooke and braden for modeling on saturday! check out a few of our favorites from the shoots below....and be sure to check out the behind the scenes slideshow below the pics :)

a special thanks to our fab shootshop sponsors!

renaissance albums
totally rad actions
simply canvas
colorshift actions
dropping rocks behind your your couple is always a good time :)
right after this shot, our pocketwizard jumped off our lightstick and down the ditch to it's death :(
CHECK OUT THIS RAD BEHIND THE SCENES SLIDESHOW OF OUR FRIDAY, MARCH 5TH SHOOTSHOP! if you're reading this in a RSS feed, hop on over to our blog to check it out :)

* special thanks to jonathan from encarnacion photography, christine kufske from click photography, and rob drago from rad | photographer for shooting all these amazing behind the scenes pics :) :) :)


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