waaaaaaay back in the daaaaaaay when i was learning photography...i was a darkroom junkie. i shot film all day, processed and printed all night. from the moment i started photography, i was hooked. a couple years into doing photography, i bought what to this day was still my most favoritest camera ever, a hasselblad 501CM with a 80mm lens. we had a long loving relationship and created some of my favorite images until one day we decided to make a business out of photography, go digital, and sell all of our film gear to help fund the switch. i never felt right about selling my old hassie and to this day i've regretted getting rid of it :( fast forward eight years and my old flame has finally bested my wallet...last week i purchased a hasselblad 500CM and 60mm lens. it was the best feeling "buy it now" button i've ever clicked :) it arrived and within a day i had already blown through two rolls of 220 (24 exposures) kodak portra 160VC...dropping it off at the lab and waiting for it to be ready was a huge test of my non-existent patience...but after checking out all of the scans, the wait was WELL WORTH IT! i am seriously in love with this camera, with film, with slowing down how i shoot, the results, the square format, all of it...i am excited and can't wait to shoot more more more more more :) here's a few pics from a morning around the kaiser house and a few grabs from jasper's 2nd birthday party...
grace: awake for 30 seconds...still in a haze :)
grace, on the iphone, as usual.
jasper, trying to check out grace playing on the iphone, as usual.
jaclyn, 7:30am.
jasper attacking grandpa (my dad).
grace, in our backyard :)


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