howdy peoples! hope your Christmas week was fan-freeeeeking-tastic!!! we've been having a blast just relaxing with the kiddos, celebrating with our families, devouring dozens of sugar cookies, etc. :)

for Christmas, i got grace (who is recently obsessed with the movie "annie") a custom engraved locket...she loved it...and my heart melted :)

oooo oooo oooo and i got a nikon 28mm F1.4 lens for is pure sex...i LOVE it to pieces!!! all of the following images were shot with it on a D700...mmm mmm good.
jasper and grace enjoying their new lion king dvd.
jasper on his new's now his preferred mode of transportation around the house :)
low light testing the nikon 28 F1.4...all images lit by a computer screen, shot at 1600 ISO, 1.4 @1/125...did i mention i love this lens!
it's dancey dance time for jasper!
...and then it's zombie zombie time...
my two favorite ladies early in the morning :)
hope you're enjoying the last week of 2009!


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