! JOWLFEST 2009 !

this past week we've been enjoying a little winter family vacation with some fellow fantastic photo friends out in flagstaff, arizona. we rented a HUGE cabin and had a funtastic week lounging, activities, and more laughs than my body could handle :) :) :)

two years ago we got together at a cabin in big bear (post one and post two) and started what is quickly becoming our neck shattering, face stretching tradition; JOWLING!

jowling is pretty simple...it goes a little something like this:

1* loosening all of your facial muscles.
2* shaking the living crap out of your head.
3* try not to drool everywhere
4* don't fall over or permanently damage anything.

in person, it's pretty funny to watch...but better yet is freezing those amazingly unflattering moments in time forever :) :) :)
this is angie.
she is the undisputed queen of jowling.
she deserves a whole post just for her...everything she jowls is pure gold.
have you ever seen a more beautiful set of ladies?
or dashing men???
this year we introduced our brood of children to jowling as well....they need some work but it was exciting to share this family treasure with them :)


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