it's hard to believe that we've only know our awesome friends the lyons for just under three years now! in august of 2006, justin and amelia hired us to photograph their family portraits...little did i know that on that day we would meet some of our dearest friends that are the best people to do life with! since 2006, our two families have been on many adventures, vacations, and day trips together as well as a gazillion double dates :) justin has also been my trusty parter in crime on the manventures of the mammoth men...pretty much the coolest thing you can do as a man :)

over the years we've watched the lyons mature into AMAZING photographers and thrown high fives all along the way as their business and other professional endeavors have taken off! we seriously couldn't be happier for them, and feel truly blessed to count them among our closest friends.

well it took us three years to make it happen, but it was finally time to actually make good on all the times we dreamed of doing a family portrait session trade! a few weeks prior to our turn to shoot the lyons, they set the bar UBER-HIGH when the photographed our family so radically!!! here's our turn...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of justin and hudson!!!
ooo ooo ooo and this one of amelia and hudson!!!
THE hudson :)
amelia and hudson are cutegasmic!!!
after the session we lovingly locked the kiddos in the car for a few last minute shots of justin and amelia together :)


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