morro bay, ca . piedras blancas (elephant seal humping)

we're taking a little family vacation this week with the lyons up on the central coast of california. yay! it's so beautiful up here!!! today we took the kiddos out, braving the rain, to check out the gripload of elephant seals at piedras blancas just north of san simeon. it smelled. rad!

all images taken with our handy dandy point and shoot camera ;)
grace was so excited to finally be out of the car!
grace and hudson loved all the farting noises!
happy nate / sad justin
sad nate / happy justin
sloan and jasper weren't quite sure what to think :)
ya, i'm THAT guy.
yay for familee!!!
hudson and grace are the coolest kids on the planet!
after elephant seal time, we headed down to less's bakery in cambria where eating lunch with four kids was fuuuuuuuun! i must say though, i had one of the best meals of my life...veggie panini + sweet potato fries + coconut cream pie = happy nate :) :) :)


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