! ! ! the churchward CRAZYBOOTH ! ! !

more awesomeness from paul and audrey's wedding!!! they brought the crazy, we brought the booth...together they joined forces to create the CRAZYBOOTH!!!

photographers: want to know our deepest, darkest, CRAZYBOOTH secrets...pick up a copy of our new CRAZYBOOTH . how the F we do it manual!
this is delta, she is tied with grace for cutest girl in the world :)
bethany and katie...they talk to shoes for a living.
john stole my glasses...i don't usually stand like that do i?
THE rob caught THE garter!
the freshly engaged josiah and erica!
erica's shoes were so radiantly pink it burned my camera's retinas out so it had to make them a safer pink for your viewing safety.
isaac was totally regretting this idea :)
i am sorry bethany, i jut HAD to post it :)
this could have been the most dangerous stunt in CRAZYBOOTH history...luckily no bait and tackle were harmed in the making of this image.
sisterly love :)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!
some of you may remember the freeeeking awesome david and natalie whose wedding we shot last year...yup, they're still freeeking awesome.
someday yvette :)
9 months pregnant and ready to get baby out!!! LOL!!!


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

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