pimp our hallway [saturday project]

in case you hadn't noticed by now...we're both photographers...with two adorable kids...with lot's of cameras...which means we've created a GIGANTOR amount of images over the years!!! with tens of thousands of images to choose from, and limited wall space in our home to display them on, we've always been paralyzed when it came to making choices about the select few that would make the wall. so we came up with this little diddy for some areas in our home! we mounted magnet boards from IKEA in series and then used mighty bits magnets to secure random prints and proofs on them. we can post bunches of our favorite images and switch them out and around whenever we feel like it. now as part of our export for personal images we blog, we export the images to a printed proof folder that we place orders from every few weeks so we always have new content to switch in and out :) i know i know...not revolutionary...but way more interesting to blog about than the crapstorm of cleaning i did all day today! happy saturday everyone!!!
another series over our bar...
speaking of adorable kids....since i had the camera out, had to grab some snaps of the kiddos! jasper loves veggies...and yes, that is a half of a zucchini he's chewing on :)
my amazing ladywifefriend sporting her new haircut, new glasses, new shirt, and new scarf :)
mmm...counter :)


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