! ! ! the cao CRAZYBOOTH ! ! !

peter and tran's wedding CRAZYBOOTH was like a wild bucking bull...we were just there to hang on for the ride!

this first image is of the head chef...who threatened to kill me if i didn't eat jellyfish :)
i don't know what was in this mystical yellow drink...but you might as well call it crazyade cuz the guests were bananas!!!
love this one!!!
t-t-t-twins!!! great minds think alike?
mmmm dessert shooters :)
more shots!!!
tran seeing pics of the scandalous action going on behind me...
peter...rolling in the $$$
i nearly peed my pants when this girl also threatened to kill me.
do the happy dance!!!
of course, the coolest wedding planner in the universe was on hand, angel swanson! i am so stoked she played along with my tp idea :)
angel's sister/super assistant/CRAZYBOOTH pro anna was on hand to bring a huge dose of awesome!
MAKE IT RAIN!!! this shot took a grip of shots to get right, but this has got to be one of my top ten fav CRAZYBOOTH images ever!!!
our uber-assistant and uber-intern...the james!
yup, this is how i roll.
thanks for bringing the crazy everyone...what an awesome night!!!


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