! ! ! the malkus CRAZYBOOTH ! ! !

yesterday we shot the awesome wedding of stacie and todd at the W hotel san diego. for the second wedding in a row we had the fabulous angel swanson on board coordinating the awesomeness! stacie, todd, and all of their friends were a hoot and we were so stoked they decided to get the CRAZYBOOTH! be warned, this post is rated PG-13 :)

these 2 couples get my MVP award for this CRAZYBOOTH...they rocked my world every time they came into the booth :)
rawr :)
mmmm...wheat grass!
man down! man down! CRAZYBOOTH destruction!!!
re-enacting the burning dress incident from earlier that night :)
i was almost forced to steal this amazing cute french bulldog...i think grace would have exploded if i brought her home :)
boogie boogie!
this lovely couple has been married 29 years!
getting that flower stuck positioned just right was quite a sight :)
"got a little captain in ya?"
the uber fabulous angel swanson and her amazing sister anna!
bubblelicious :)


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