! ! ! the lee CRAZYBOOTH! ! !

yesterday = longest wedding day of our career. it's a good thing we were hanging with the AMAZINGLY AWESOME sharon and dean...the couldn't be a better couple to spend fourteen hours of our life with :) to add an extra dose of radical to their wedding day, sharon and dean got the CRAZYBOOTH for their reception...seriously, everyone should have one of these...and every couple should get as much use out of it as sharon, dean, and friends did! strap in kids, this CRAZYBOOTH post is hung like a horse long...and be forwarned, the last picture in this series is the most scandalously amazing CRAZYBOOTH pics i've ever taken! ENJOY!!!
coordinating the whole shindig was one of our favorite coordinators in the whole wide universe, ANGEL SWANSON of EVENTS OF LOVE AND SPLENDOR!
i love this "dead" series :)
dean, his bro, and dad!
t t t twins!
more dead sharon :)
see no evil. speak no evil. hear no evil. SMELL NO EVIL.
sharon and her dad!
chicka chicka yeah!!!
julie, you're my favoritest :) thanks for bringing me a fan :)
double trouble!
the first (and most likely only) time i've ever had two ladies grind up on me :)
! ! ! GOLD! ! ! the current CRAZYBOOTH champion for most scandalously amazing photo EVER!
sharon, dean, and friends...thanks for bringing the crazy, you rocked my world!


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

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