the brown comes 2007!!!

january 6th, 2007 . tampa, florida

for our first wedding of the year, we made a trip across the great u. s. of a. to florida. it was a beautiful day in tampa and believe it or not it wasn't that humid! it was so great to start the year with a couple as awesome as tyson and julia and their families. their wedding took place in a small church in dade city with the reception following at a working farm...very cool! it is always so flattering for us when a couple likes our work enough (out of all the other amazing photographers out there) to fly us across the country to capture their wedding day! thanks guys!
so tyson has a lot of snakes...a lot of over a dozen. it's very rare for me to see something i haven't seen at a guy's prep before but cleaning snake cages was a first! it's a good thing i had a snake as a pet when i was younger....jaclyn would have hid in the closet if she was there :)
go gators!
a quick prayer before the ceremony...
a quite moment in the limo...
tyson's grandfather escorted them to the reception in a horse drawn was quite fun hauling ass on foot trying to keep up with it!
we love weddings with slideshows!
and the grand exit...complete with real BIG sparklers, a stretched rolls and lots of friends and family to send tyson and julia off!



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