the farley wedding

september 1st, 2007 . the inn at spanish bay . pebble beach, california

did i mention we are SO behind on blogging that we just got lapped by behind?

anyway...waaaaaaaaay back in the beginning of september we hopped on a plane and flew up to monterey for the radtastic wedding of shana and luke. their engagement session was off the chain so of course we were looking forward to their big day. both luke and shana are such beautiful people and it was all too apparent where they got it from after spending a full day with their amazing families.

shana was all smiles getting ready!
some flower girls and grandma before the ceremony...'s good to be loved :)
i call this one..."the last temptation of luke" :)
luke tried the ring on before the ceremony just to make sure it fit...well it fit a little TOO well and he could barely get it back off!
before the ceremony shana's dad helped out with a little something stuck in shana's teeth :)
the ceremony was beautiful overlooking the ocean...and burn out your retinas BRIGHT!
a happy moment after the ceremony with luke and shana's brother looking on :) cute!
ok ok ok...i know jumping shots are kinda cheezy but there is just something that is always cool in my book about a crazy white ninja groom attacking his bride :)
we're only showing a couple portraits from this wedding because we only shot a few on the wedding day...luke and shana opted for a day after session where we had plenty more time and got some scrumtrilesscent images we'll be blogging soon!
first dance time!
shana and her dad sharing a moment together...this shot actually brought tears to my eyes while i was editing it...moments like these are why i love being a photographer :)
dance dance dance!
i don't know what went on up there, but luke looked like he just finished a battle when he came out with the garter!
garter toss!!!
did i mention how much we love photobooths???
and of course...the rings!!!


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