the keating wedding

may 19th, 2007 . the hilton harbor island

we've been counting down the days until jeremy and catherine's wedding ever since their awesome engagement session a couple months ago! well of course, they didn't didn't let anyone down...their wedding day was a blast from start to finish. their wedding took place at the hilton on harbor island under very overcast skies but that didn't damper their spirits a bit! here's a few of our favorites...

catherine and her sister sharing a nice moment before the day's festivities got underway...
and the ring bearer was having all sorts of fun too :)
meanwhile, over in jeremy's room he was busy being videotaped getting ready by his best man.
getting the tie's knot perfect was serious business!
catherine and jeremy decided to see each other before the ceremony so they could enjoy their cocktail hour with their friends and family...they had an awesome first sight! check out jeremy's reaction to first seeing catherine!
then it was on to some fun formals around the hotel...
i LOVE this one!
and of course, we somehow wiggled our way into the service stairwells for some pics :)
then it was out to the parking lot and the tackle shop next door...
every wedding should have a big styrofoam manakin!
after the formals it was on to the big is catherine wowing the crowd as she entered down the stairs to the ceremony.
the ceremony was filled with many tears and laughs :)
catherine gliding her way through the cocktail hour...
the reception had LOTS of jeremy is getting a good embarassing laugh out of catherine :)
jeremy and his best man bringing down the house!
catherine's dad was a dancing machine too!!!
and last but not least...the rings! shot on the dj's computer keyboard :)


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