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! ! ! SOLD OUT ! ! ! in under 24 hours....SOLD OUT! oh my goodness! first off, thank you to everyone who signed up, we can't wait to meet you in may :) stay tuned for more details to be announced soon for more dates and locations!

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"a workshop from nate kaiser and susan stripling for photographers who want to learn to shoot good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too"

come join californian nate kaiser of the the image is found and fabulous floridian susan stripling for an intimate, one-day intensive workshop on creating unique, creative portraits in any environment. we will demonstrate shooting in a wide variety of everyday situations and give specific techniques how to walk away with gorgeous images every time. from light-drenched rooms to scary back stairs, the rooftop to the street corner, from great light to "so-so" light to "what light?!?!", susan and nate will teach their unique styles of portraiture using you lucky workshop attendees as models!   that's right...besides all the information, you will also be photographed by two of the industry's leading photographers.  you'll receive the VERY important experience of being on the other side of the camera...and a disc of all the images of you!  so put on your best makeup and your hottest outfit, grab your camera and laptop, and get ready for an intense day-long experience that will change the way you look at portraits forever.

where:  in and around a fabulous residential loft in one of atlanta, georgia's newest hip neighborhoods.

when: thursday may 17th, 9am-6pm. join us afterwards for a no holds barred question and answer dinner with nate and susan.  if you're still awake after all that, we'll head downtown for a nighttime photo free-for-all to polish and perfect your newly honed skills!

what: the best darn workshop east of the mississippi! teaching lighting, casual posing, un-posing, thinking creatively, utilizing natural and artificial light of all shapes and sizes, and even some mild and wild post-processing techniques in photoshop.

how much: $700 for the day. includes breakfast, lunch, munchies, and a high-res DVD of all images featuring YOU!

...oh and west coasters?  don't be sad.  mark YOUR calendars for august 8th.  we're coming your way! stay tuned for more details...

SPACE IS LIMITED!!! if you would like to join us, please download the registration form and fax it in as soon as possible! we look forward to seeing you all in hotlanta!


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