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eye love jasper.


sunday is beachin.

we love sundays! after an awesome morning at church, a deeeeelish lunch, and lazy afternoon we headed down to the beach to hang out for a little bit and enjoy the tail end of our wonderful summer weather. it was jasper's first time to the beach with us and he likes sitting in the sand much better than sitting in grass :)
my two favorite ladies :)
jasper's first taste of sand :)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this image!!!
and this one too!!! i am one happy papa :)
grace was trying to make her way to china...
grace had a blast burying jasper in the sand...i think she would have fully covered him if we weren't there to stop her!


chillaxin animal style + new point and shoot camera mini review!

on thursday we headed on down to the san diego zoo with our fab photo friends, the lyons! we had an awesome afternoon filled with lots of monkeys, laughs, and cameras :)

** we also were able to put our new point and shoot camera through it's paces! i gotta tell ya, i have never been more excited or more stoked on a point and shoot camera than i have been for this one!!! seriously, it has EVERYTHING i could have dreamed up for a point and shoot! just to give you an idea of the radness contained in this little gem:

THE LENS!!! a leica 24-60 read that right, pocket size packin a 24 F2.0!!!
3:2 FORMAT (not that dorky 4:3 format!)
ISO 3200!

the list goes on and on! i'll be posting a bunch more pics from this camera as time goes on...but us being STOKED, would be an understatement!!! so if you've been living with point and shoot mediocrity, i would HIGHLY recommend picking up the PANASONIC DMC-LX3

anyway, on to the pics...grace and hudson are BFF :)
it was so hot, amelia resorted to stealing her kids bottled juice :)
jasper's first time seeing fish!
some hudson and grace photobooth fun!!!
later on, up at the orangutan exhibit, one was just chillin right up next to the glass! we've been to the zoo a gabillion times and never had a face to face with the was radical!
grace loves on jasper a little too much at times :)
we finished up the day at the petting zoo :)


jasper's too sexy for his shirt...


fan srancisco.

a couple weeks ago jaclyn, grace, jasper, and i made the long trip up to san francisco for an amazing wedding at the de young museum! let me tell ya, driving seven hours with a 5 year old and a 6 month old = INSANITY!!! the ride up was pretty good since we left at 4AM half the drive the kids were sleeping...however, the drive back...let's just say i would rather be repeatedly punched in the nards that do that again! jasper had enough of the carseat and screamed bloody murder for a good three hours strait :('s a few random shots from our handy dandy point and shoot...first up, me, rocking out to the ting tings "shut up and let me go" somewhere on the 5 in central cali...
our first stop on the way up was for a craptacular breakfast at denny's. for those of you readers that aren't local to cali or haven't had the intense pleasure of driving to san francisco via the 5 through central california, basically all of central california is farmland, and smells like a turd covered in burnt hair!
another two hours in the car and it was time for a break at a side of the road gas station park thingy...jasper had a yummy snack ;)
once we made it to san francisco, we took a quick tour around the de young museum to check out some spots for our saturday that place is cool!!!
the rest of our time in SF was pretty chill...we hung out with our super photofriend anna kuperberg, hit up the new CB2 store, went school clothes shopping at H&M for grace, played in the pool, had breakfast with our favorite friends peter and elizabeth...all of which were apparently not cool enough for us to pull our camera out cuz we have no pics of any of it :( here's one last one of grace giving me her "i'm pissed because i am so bored in the car...oh and NO MORE PICTURES!!!" attitude at lunch :)


grace's first day of kindergarden...

...and i find her making faces in the window :) how in the heck did our baby girl get old enough to go to school?!?!?


what's new with the j-man?

it's been a while since jasper made an appearance on the blog. he's just starting to crawl (sort of) and gets soooo excited chasing after water bottles and attempting to keep up with grace. and yes, that is cellulite on a 6 month old ;)
in other news, nate gave him a haircut the other day which made him a little nervous. but my oh my look at those chubby baby boobs ;)


HOUSE RED . live EP recording

our unbelievably awesome church's band, HOUSE RED rocked the house last night with a live recording for their new EP! the house red crew has such an amazing anointing for worship and i can't wait to hear the new EP when it comes out in october!!! you can check out their blog for two of their new studio tracks which i've been obsessively playing like a teenage fan girl :)

i can't believe i could even look through a camera after having to wake up at 4AM in new york and travel all day to make it back for this ;) here's a few of my favorite pics from the night...



we can't believe our little girl is a whopping five years old today!!! we're heading up to disneyland today for a huge dose of birthday wonderfulness :)


pool party!

a few pics from our friends faith and jason's awesome new pool last was jasper's first time in the water! all pics were taken with our favorite handy dandy point and shoot camera (plus water housing). happy monday!


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