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one day . two ways . san francisco . thursday wrap up!

another huge thank you to all of the awesome photographers who came out to join susan and i for our second one day . two ways workshop in san francsico! we had a fabulous time with all of you! here are a few of my favorite images from the day...

first up, the amazing johann and wendy!
the carson.
the james.
the ed.
the carson + wifey
the crew!
i've got to give an extra super special shout out and thank you to david baxter who made these awesome t-shirts!!! his said "how the F does nate do that?" and mine read "who the F is nate kaiser?" david, man you and your family rock!
a few more random snaps of the action courtesy of our awesome participants!
i would also like to thank all of you that have taken the time to write such kind emails and letters of truly makes all the work we put into these things worth it :) i just had to post this awesome letter i recieved from one of the thursday workshoppers, maile...

Nate and Susan,

I’ve been making a living taking pictures of people since I was 16. I owned and operated three portrait studios for 6 YEARS without even knowing what an f stop was…(knowing how to make people look and feel good takes you a long way, even if you’re shooting them with a disposable camera). So for a long time I justified my lack of knowledge by the fact that I was able to be successful without it. The truth was that I didn’t see anything out there that inspired me, or that made me realize what was possible. I hated the PPA. I felt like it was dominated by a bunch of old men in pleated khakis who were constantly comparing each other’s lens size. I felt totally alienated because I was young and blonde. They accentuated it by treating me like a little girl who’d just gotten a camera from Santa Claus. And I was making more money than they were; so I told the photographic industry to f*ck off (in my head) a long time ago.

Underneath is all, I HATED it. The clients, the work. The everything.

Okay, now I’m going to sound like a Nate-Susan Infomercial. Because finding your sites changed my life! The first time I “found” :) you, I literally stayed up until 2 am looking at every single photograph in your blog. I had never seen anything like it, and it opened me up to a WHOLE NEW WORLD of photography. And photographers. I can’t find the pleated khakis anymore and it’s SO awesome! For the first time in my life, I LOVE what I’m doing and am stoked about the work.

Thank you for the best workshop yesterday EVER. Not only are you both amazingly talented, and knowledgeable, but you were warm and transparent and it was clear that you were putting everything you had into making it a great experience for everyone. My head is still spinning and I love it. I love that my job is fun now. And I totally owe it to you. It was worth every penny and more. You guys deserve each and every single “you rock!” from your ever-growing fan club. Because you are doing more than teaching technical stuff. You are helping to make the whole industry a new and WAY BETTER version of what it was

So thank you, again.

Thank you for saying that no question was stupid.

And thank you for not wearing khaki pants :)



the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

cool alert ! tiny face design

we are always on the lookout for cool stuff for weddings and all that jazz so check this out! one of our favorite clients from 2006, katy and her sister have started a custom illustration business called tiny face design. they create these completely custom illustrations from any picture that can then be used on any number of things like t-shirts, invitations, wedding programs, etc....the sky is the limit! they made shirts and programs (check out the gallery on their site) for their wedding last year and they were darn near the coolest we've seen! so if you're a bride looking for something unique and personalized for your wedding or a photographer with a cool bride that might dig this, check out tiny face design.

we love this awesome illustration katy made for us :)



one day . two ways . san francisco . day one wrap up!

yesterday susan and i completed the first of our two workshops here in san francisco this week. tuesday's workshop was a blast from beginning to end and i couldn't have imagined spending it with a better group of people! it is an amazingly humbling experience to be able to lead a workshop full of such awesome photographers...a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who traveled so far to be here.

on a side note, if you attended the workshop, i heard lots of clicking while i made a fool of myself many times....please email me some photos so i can get a good chuckle :) 700 pixel wide jpgs would be fantastic.... CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME!

if you couldn't make it to san francisco for all the fun and are interested in just what the heck a one day . two ways workshop is, you can check out the shootshop website for more info.

all of the images at the workshop were shot of the actual real life models, no fake people, just real people like we are all faced with in our day to day photography business. the workshop went from 9am through was a jam packed day! here are a few of my favorite images from the day so far....

...and yes, this is all canon 5D stuff :)
i felt so honored to have three of our previous clients attend the workshop! you may recognize the adorable bonnie and ricky whose wedding we shot in puerto vallarta earlier this year.
previous client number two, the amazing lee whose AWESOME family we photographed earlier this year.
previous client number three, the stunning lauren clark who we shot in las vegas at the DWF convention in march.


B&H photo and video

more workshop info

*more one day . two ways san francisco workshop info

* if you are staying in downtown, plan on it taking about 10-15 minutes to get to blue sky studios by car or taxi.

* the studios are on the fourth floor, which is technically button 4R in the elevator. we will be learning it up in studio number five.

* parking sucks so grab whatever street parking you can anywhere in a couple block radius of the studios.

* if any of you could bring a sun with you that would really help our "shooting in bright sun" lessons :)

renaissance albums

one day . two ways . san francisco week...and happy cows...and grace

yahoo... this week is finally here!!!

tuesday and thursday of this week susan and i will be helping fifty lucky photographers get learned good at our one day . two ways workshops in san francisco! a few quick points for anyone who might be attending:

* san francisco is chilly! it is supposed to be party cloudy the majority of the week and in the high fifties during the day and the low fifties at night so be sure to pack accordingly! layers are your friend :)

* for those of you who might have misplaced your information sheet, lost it, forgot it, can download all the details here.

we can't wait to meet you all!

yesterday i had the pleasure of driving up to san francisco from san hours, one sore butt, and a sunburned left arm later i pulled into my second favorite city! on the way up through central california is a really disgustingly amazing huge cow farm i have always wanted to shoot so i finally took the time to pull off and grab a shot. happy cows from california :)
oh, and since i am here by myself i am already missing grace and jaclyn, so here is a shot of grace's "outfit" the day before i left :)




the artistic guild of the wedding photojournalist assosciation just announced the winners for the winter competition and i am very happy to have placed a couple of images again!

first up, a fourth place finish for this awesome image of angel and rob!
...and one of my favorite images ever from deann and ian's amazing wedding in sayulita mexico!



WPJA winner - gold baby!

the results of the winter wedding photojournalist assosciation are in and we won first place in the ceremony category!

the winning image was from a very touching moment during ceremony of the awesome george and hannah. we knew this was a special image the moment the shutter clicked but it's always nice to receive the recognition of such a distinguished and competitive organization as the wpja :)

in the worlds of the immortal goldmember...."i love gooooold!"


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