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TEAM THE IMAGE IS FOUND the smilebooth a thorough testing before we let it loose on the wedding party bridal show :)



everyone say hello to smilebooth.

hi smilebooth!

hi everyone! i'm smilebooth and i like to party!

drum roll please...we are beyond excited to announce that we have joined the big happy smilebooth family!!! over the past few years the smilebooth has taken the wedding and event world by storm as the coolest photobooth on the block. anywhere two or more cool people are gathered, there should be a smilebooth in their midst :)

sooooooo brides, grooms, coordinators, photographers, and party people everywhere the smilebooth is now available in southern california for your wedding, birthday bash, holiday party, or any other event that should be remembered. you heard right, the smilebooth is available to anyone, anytime! while we will be offering the smilebooth to our clients, you do not have to be a "the image is found" client to book one!

the smilebooth is a modern update on a classic memory maker and has become the must have addition for any wedding reception, party, or shindig. it offers studio lighting that will make anyone look fabulous, enough room for all your friends to hop in, simple to completely custom backgrounds, and on site printing of all the images captured! there are no limits to the amount of times you can hop in the smilebooth so you can try to out-do yourself and your friends every time! the silly and spontaneous shots that come out of this automated booth will leave you grinning ear to ear for years and years :) be warned, the smilebooth might just take over the event with outrageous laughter coming from the corner...but that's not a bad thing, right?

the smilebooth setup is a bit different than our crazybooth. the smilebooth is controlled by the subject via the built in touchscreen and fires three pictures automatically, allowing the subjects to do whatever they'd like in the booth from mild to wild! in the crazybooth nothing is automated and the photographer directs the subjects and shoots the images. don't worry! the crazybooth isn't going anywhere and is still available to our clients. the smilebooth is an exciting addition to what we're all about and we are super excited to offer it to anyone and everyone!

if you or anyone you know has an event coming up that would be a zillion times cooler with a smilebooth, hop skip and jump on over to WWW.SMILEBOOTH.COM for more information!



when we first met the nelsons, we knew they would have the perfect wedding to debut our brand spanking new smilebooth! boy oh boy did the smilebooth get a workout with angi and ryan's amazing friends...there was seriously a solid line of people waiting to hop in on the fun all night long! it was so awesome to sit back and watch the smilebooth do it's thing...we couldn't have asked for a better maiden voyage!

if you or anyone you know has an event coming up that would be a zillion times cooler with a smilebooth, hop skip and jump on over to for more information!


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