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sometimes all you need is a wall and a milk crate.
photographed on nikon D700 / 24F1.4 and processed with trix ++ from VSCO FILM



we photographed chris and dani in in las vegas earlier this year but we had to experience the gravity defying wonder that is chris's hair we photographed them on their home turf in london for our shootshop. party on friends :)





SAMANTHA+ANDREW (brooklyn shootshop wrap-up)

last week we were in new york for a wedding and a SHOOTSHOP in brooklyn :) we've done more shootshops than my fingers can keep track of now but i've got to say this one was one of the best yet! we had an awesome group of 20 new friendtographers, wonderful models, and a tricky but fun space to work with. the morning of the shootshop we got a nice little surprise that the brooklyn naval yards we had planned to do our shooting demo in were off limits to us, leaving us a 400 square foot rooftop and the hallways outside of the studio to shoot in...we love a good's a few of our favorite improvised images from the shoot :)

a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the photographers that travelled from far and wide to come see us in brooklyn, your merit badges are in the mail :) we love you. lots.
industrial bathroom love? sure.
the moment i saw this skull pillow on a couch in the studio i knew i'd be using it for something creeper :)



i shootshop and blog in the same day...PA-DOW!!!



sara and thomas are cooler than Ice ice baby too cold too cold Ice ice baby too cold too cold. here's a few favs from a quick shoot we did during a private shootshop...



courtney and gary put the AWE SNAP in AWESOME.




if you'd like to be put on our interest list or be notified of any other australian shootshops, email us your info!

AUSTRALIA?!?!? yup!!! we're SO SO SO excited to finally announce our first international shootshop!!! we'll be heading down under this october to shoot a wedding and deliver an extra large dose of awesome, shootshop style! we hope you'll join us!!!


come join us for an intimate, one-day INTENSIVE workshop focussing on standing out in your market through personal branding and unique imagery. we will be discussing the steps we've taken for our business to carve out a specific niche in one of the most competitive markets in the world. we will be spending the first part of the day focussing on branding, finding inspiration, finding YOUR clients, and managing your client's expectations. after lunch we will be heading out on the town for a shoot showing how we make our unique, creative portraits in any environment. we will demonstrate shooting in a wide variety of everyday situations and give practical, specific techniques about how to walk away with gorgeous images every time. from great light to "so-so" light to "what light?!?!” to “MY light!” we will teach our unique, award winning style of portraiture using a real couple in real world locations! we will be teaching our distinct style of casual posing, un-posing, thinking creatively, utilizing natural (harsh and soft) and artificial light of all shapes and sizes. after the shoot we'll lay ourselves bare and show all the images from the shoot then reveal all of our mild to wild post-processing techniques in photoshop. so bring your thinking caps and notepads cuz it’s going to be a brain busting busy day!


us...nate and jaclyn kaiser :)


the shootshop will take place on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7TH , 2009 from 9-7-ish followed by a wrap up dinner and no holds barred question and answer time. we love to chat with photographers and answer as many specific questions as possible so we've scheduled plenty of time to eat and mingle with our intimate group :)


the shootshop will take place in and around our radtastic THE WHITE HORSE BAR AND BRASSERIE in the surry hills area of sydney australia!!!


we believe strongly in the importance of providing personal attention to all our workshop attendees so we will be limiting the number of attendees to twenty. so if you’re interested, get on it asap!


the shootshop fee is $800USD per person. we will be providing breakfast, lunch, and the wrap up the yummies in your tummies are all covered!


space is limited and seats will sell out fast so if you'd like to come, get on it it ASAP! your payment of the full shootshop fee will serve as your registration. the link below will take you to paypal where you can securely pay your $800USD registration via credit card or paypal balance. after your payment and registration is complete we will send you more information with all the pertinent details for travel arrangements, locations, directions, etc.



the shootshop will take place at THE WHITE HORSE BAR AND BRASSERIE in the surry hills area of sydney australia. check out the google map here. for anyone coming from outside of sydney, you'll want to fly into the sydney international airport and arrange for your own transportation and lodging. as soon as we receive your registration we will be sending out more detailed info about the location, times, etc.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING...(warning, blatant horn tootage ahead)

* The shootshop was better than what I thought it would be. To be honest, making such a large investment for a one-day seminar is scary because I’m never sure if it’ll be worth it. Trying to sum up my experience with adjectives and metaphors won’t do it justice. Beyond all else, Nate and Jaclyn were 100% real. They didn’t hide behind smoke and mirrors, answered every question with extra detail, and kept things fun. They’re an amazing team, but they remain humble via honesty, humor, and self-deprecation…all the things that makes my heart feel all warm-n-fuzzy.

If you have an opportunity to attend this workshop, DO IT! Even if it means having a yard sale, selling an organ, or naming your first child Natelyn to fund the experience, DO IT! You’ll be inspired and rejuvenated a thousand times over.

Nate and Jaclyn, thank you. These two words seem so small to express how I feel, but I hope they’ll suffice until I can think of something better. You are some of the most amazing people in the industry and I’m honored to have spent so much time with you. Thank you for giving of yourselves unconditionally and sincerely." - jasmine star

"* nate+jac, for lack of better words, you guys rocked my world! The shootshop was so beyond my expectations, and it was a source of such great inspiration not just for my business, but also has refreshed my perspective as an artist. thanks for many priceless faces, laughs, moments, lessons, etc. I feel so blessed to have shared in it all! the thing I walked away with the most was the freedom to just be myself and operate the business according to who i am, not who others want me to be - it already feels like a huge weight is lifted off of my shoulders." - ashey parsons

"* ...i can't express enough how much this workshop has and will improve my game. i have a long way to go, but at least now I know which road to take..." - chris vaugn

"* ...BITCHIN'. that's all i got. cause other than that - there just aren't words big enough to describe all that i took out of 15 hours with you two fine folk." - ben harms

"*...nate and guys totally inspired me and answered my bazillion questions...thanks so much for your openness and approachability! You guys have an awesome relationship and I am in *awe* of your talent. I thought you guys were uber talented before I came to the shootshop and are up on a pedestal that I hope to one day climb up!" - sarah goodman

"* Nate and Jaclyn, thank you both so much for allowing me to be part of the shootshop. My head is still spinning (all the way around) with so much information being shared. Seeing the images from the day brings everything full circle. The word that keeps coming to my mind is passion. Your passion for your craft, your family, your ever-increasing circle of friends/fans and for life is the very definition of success. More inspiring yet is your ability to instill that passion in others." - mark

"* Nate and Jaclyn...You guys were so open and honest about everything. Your shootshop was enlightening and demystifying at the same time. As a photographer, I am definitely walking away with a whole new perspective and I am so grateful for that." - jason tran

"* nate, jaclyn, you are two of the most genuine-ish and humble-ish people, thanks for much for the inspiration and all the wonderful tips. I'd do this again in a heartbeat!" - chris waters

"*F reakin cool.
R ealisation that not only are you bloody good at your job but you are really nice people too..
E xplosion of my brain.. I cant wait to get home!
S o inspiring, where do I start...
H onesty really is the best, you do it so well. thank you.

F reakin cool (did i already say that)
U nbelievable gratitude
N ow to get my bum into gear

R emember me.. your First Australian wedding coming up!
E (i really want to put Elephant here, but...) Extremely informative and generous.
A lways will remember yesterday and my first workshop.. its going to be hard to beat.
L ots and lots and lots of THANK YOU's!!

Must be off on my adventure now... I cant wait to see where your's is going.
Lee...from Australia

you can also check out some pics created at previous shootshops HERE!





bobby + lindsay [one day . our way shootshop wrap up]

this week we met 15 new photographer friends at another one of our ONE DAY . OUR WAY SHOOTSHOPS! minds were melted, lids were flipped, and many laughs were had by all :)

a very special thanks to all of the amazing photographers who traveled from far and wide to come hang with was so great to meet all of you!!! another huge thanks to our amazing models, bobby and lindsay who came out and strutted their stuff for us all afternoon :) here's a few of our favs from the day...


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