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our CRAZYBOOTH brings all the crazies to the yard...
ex-interns sandwich.

photographed on nikon D700 / 24-70F2.8 and processed with KODAK PORTRA 160VC++ fromVSCO FILM PACK 02



new haven, connecticut always brings the crazy :)
you may recognize these two from their own wedding and crazybooth in new haven last year. here they are doing an ode to mike's MVP series of "sad sweaty scotch guy."
i've always got to get in the action a bit too :)
this is mike. he is the undisputed king of crazyboothing. he won MVP in the fussiner's crazybooth last year with "sad sweaty scotch guy" and this year at his own wedding he dropped this little number on me...mmm mmm good!
swagger for days.
"austerity is key" - schafer
father of the bride, and bride :)
wedding done. crazybooth done. marriage license signed sealed delivered. congratulations sarah and mike!!!



my CRAZYBOOTH brings all the crazies to the yard...
this little stud is showing off the hole from the tooth he knocked out then swallowed while jumping some stairs on a skateboard right after the wedding. HARDCORE!



table centerpiece thief! STOP HIM!
this is D, he should be a part of every CRAZYBOOTH :)
louis: captain of event security, former chiefs quarterback, and avid carnivore.



CRAZYBOOTH in new haven connecticut for sondra and ben's was the best of times, it was the hottest and sweatiest of times.
mother of the groom :)
mother and father of the bride :)
ben, going for it!



what happens when you cram three hundred freshly graduated lawyers into the CRAZYBOOTH? PURE RADNESS!




on saturday we photographed hannah's bat mitzvah...she's 100% pure awesome. her parents, family, and friends all brought the CRAZY to the CRAZYBOOTH, big time...i'm pretty sure this is my largest CRAZYBOOTH blog post ever!!! enjoy :)

this is hannah and her aunt...hannah's sequin dress rocked the party :)
hannah's grandparents :)
...we all have the super power to pick our noses with our tongue :)
laura and her sisters...
laura and her sisters...and her brother :)
ascot FTW :)
this is lee and laura, hannah's parents....they win at life.
laura and her dad...taco tongue win!
YES! married for 47 years :)
the chef :)
two girls, one jacket.
so much swagger.
lee and laura's son max...he's amazing :)
lee and laura....the end of a long day of bat mitzvahing...
the best darn cinema team on the planet, SHADE TREE FILMS was also documenting the event.
we love them.
they have big tripods.



on tuesday night the MAMMOTH MEN hosted a big party at our gigantor cabin in park city for all of the local photographers and friends to come throw high fives. we set up a little CRAZYBOOTH on the only clear wall in the house and let the madness's a few of my favs, but you should definitely HEAD OVER TO THE MAMMOTH MEN BLOG for a gripload more!!!


! ! ! the churchward CRAZYBOOTH ! ! !

more awesomeness from paul and audrey's wedding!!! they brought the crazy, we brought the booth...together they joined forces to create the CRAZYBOOTH!!!
this is delta, she is tied with grace for cutest girl in the world :)
bethany and katie...they talk to shoes for a living.
john stole my glasses...i don't usually stand like that do i?
THE rob caught THE garter!
the freshly engaged josiah and erica!
erica's shoes were so radiantly pink it burned my camera's retinas out so it had to make them a safer pink for your viewing safety.
isaac was totally regretting this idea :)
i am sorry bethany, i jut HAD to post it :)
this could have been the most dangerous stunt in CRAZYBOOTH history...luckily no bait and tackle were harmed in the making of this image.
sisterly love :)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!
some of you may remember the freeeeking awesome david and natalie whose wedding we shot last year...yup, they're still freeeking awesome.
someday yvette :)
9 months pregnant and ready to get baby out!!! LOL!!!


! ! ! the cao CRAZYBOOTH ! ! !

peter and tran's wedding CRAZYBOOTH was like a wild bucking bull...we were just there to hang on for the ride!

this first image is of the head chef...who threatened to kill me if i didn't eat jellyfish :)
i don't know what was in this mystical yellow drink...but you might as well call it crazyade cuz the guests were bananas!!!
love this one!!!
t-t-t-twins!!! great minds think alike?
mmmm dessert shooters :)
more shots!!!
tran seeing pics of the scandalous action going on behind me...
peter...rolling in the $$$
i nearly peed my pants when this girl also threatened to kill me.
do the happy dance!!!
of course, the coolest wedding planner in the universe was on hand, angel swanson! i am so stoked she played along with my tp idea :)
angel's sister/super assistant/CRAZYBOOTH pro anna was on hand to bring a huge dose of awesome!
MAKE IT RAIN!!! this shot took a grip of shots to get right, but this has got to be one of my top ten fav CRAZYBOOTH images ever!!!
our uber-assistant and uber-intern...the james!
yup, this is how i roll.
thanks for bringing the crazy everyone...what an awesome night!!!


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