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over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many vendors. many have been bad, many have been good, and a select few have been excellent. these a some of those few excellent ones that made an impression on us, delivered excellent product, exhibited professionalism and class, and most importantly were easy going and fun while doing it.

- angel swanson was the brain child behind one of the most extravagantly amazing weddings we were a part of in 2006. she and her team have planned and coordinated a majority of our all time favorite weddings. besides having an amazing eye for style and a flare for incorporating unique personal touches, angel is an absolute pleasure to work with!

- nicole is a fantastic make up artist! she uses airbrush makeup for a light and flawless look. best of all, she is professional, fast, and on time!

- truly beautiful wedding stories told through drew and ben's intimate and relaxed approach to filming. we love these two guys as people, and have the utmost respect for their art.

SHADE TREE FILMS . 909.800.3433
- most wedding videos are a huge pile of cheese...except for drew and chad's work. the production value of their work is second to none,

REAL ESTATE LIBRARY . 800.469.6391
- if your new married life finds you selling a home or purchasing a home contact the best san diego real estate agents around! dennis and crystal kaiser coincidentally also happen to be my parents :) their website is stuffed full of very helpful information including; all san diego listings, home value calculators, mortgage info, real estate investing, school rankings, relocation info, etc, etc, etc. my parents make an awesome real estate father is SO knowledgeable about the san diego market and is always helpful with pertinent information along with no BS advice...while my mother handles all of the back-end paperwork (which is an insane amount) with precision and efficiency. to top it all off, they have an awesome blog you can check out to get to know them better and find out all the latest information! they are located in san diego county, but they have a network of like-minded agents all over the USA. so no matter where you are coming from or going to, if real estate is involved, give them a call and they can point you in the right direction. tell them their son sent you!

*please note - we offer these recommendations as a favor to our clients based on our experiences with them. as always, your mileage may vary :)

happy planning!

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