grace's self portrait...on video

here's what happens when grace takes her self portrait with the video mode turned on :) short but funny...


renaissance albums

RSS is live!

for all you tech savvy folks who were begging for the RSS feed...check the bottom of the page! enjoy!

borrow lenses

what the kaiser's will be doing @ 10:00 tonight... not that...get your mind out of the gutter!

tonight LOST starts back up again!

jaclyn and i missed the first two seasons and heard everyone rave about how cool it was! so we finally gave in and bought the first two seasons on dvd...those lasted about a week :) we were hooked so we bought the first six episodes of this season on itunes and watched them on the airplane (ironically) ride to florida. tonight the night to feed the addiction is finally here!!!

now i am almost ashamed to admit that the level of my nerdness has sunk this low, but the lost notebook is pretty fun to read through...go on indulge your inner nerd! personally, i am waiting for the polar bears to eat the big black smoke monster, mr. echo to be resurrected, and figure out where the hell jack's father's body is!!!



movie watch: the 300

i don't know if it's becasue i'm a man or becasue i'm a photographer, but i am so fricking excited about this movie!!! i could care less if the story or the plot sucked, the insane amount of eye candy alone would make me watch this multiple times! i've watched the trailer a dozen times and i can't even wrap my head around the visuals in this movie!

the official website is pretty fun to look through :)

you know where we'll will be on march 9th...
also, i just figured out how to embed you tube videos into the blog....i know i know...that is SO 2006 but it's still fun for me :) make your eyes drool and check out the teaser trailer....



this is awesome!

we love it when clients are excited about us being a part of their wedding...but this is on a whole other level! :) tony and sandra inquired with us for september 22nd and included this HILARIOUS composite they put together...we were laughing out loud! i hope everything works out for their wedding...if they are this fun before we're even booked i can't imagine how much fun we're in store for :) i love the little hiding nate and jaclyn...especially me with grace's camera!



hello and welcome to the brand spanking baby butt smooth new blog!!!

we've been hard at work for weeks getting everything set for this baby! we'd like to invite you to take a look around, kick the tires, leave some comments, etc. we would really appreciate any feedback if you find any bugs or glitches anywhere...if you happen to be lucky enough to find one, please send an email to and let us know!

there are so many new cool things about this blog that we are excited for you all to experience! a few noteable items include:

* try refreshing the page or going to different'll always be greeted by a new banner image :)

* check out the all new photographer resources! we're still developing this section but as of right now we have a photographer FAQ up and running!

* check out the all new client resources for contracts, price lists, favorite vendors, etc!

* leave us a comment in our new uber-cool comment box...they look so naked until they are filled with your words :)

* if you need a good laugh, check out the slideshow of us shooting in the post can also be found in the about us section.

* enjoy the bigger images!

* try out the "send to friend" option and share some blog joy with someone you love :)

* we have a search feature so you can always find what you're looking for :)


* i would liketo take this opportunity to thank the insanely talented brock from infinet design! brock was an absolute pleasure to work with on our new blog design from start to of the greatest customer service experiences i've ever had!

edited to add: we're working on the rss feed right now, it should be ready soon....


B&H photo and video

! dork alert !

warning....view this slideshow at your own risk!

jaclyn and i (being the fun loving couple that we are) always take pictures of each other working at weddings, engagements, portrait shoots, etc. sometimes they are of us actually working, sometimes it's of us contorting our bodies to get the right shot, shoetimes it's just our own silly faces, sometimes it's a test shot of each other, etc. we have a folder on our computer that we save all of these images is now well over 2000 images!!! we finally decided to put together a compilation of some of our favorite images....



the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

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