and the winner is....

after hours of counting and tallying over 600 votes, the verdict is in....and the one ring shot to rule them all is NUMBER FOUR!!!

a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to kay and ben for their win!

the competition was CLOSE!!! thank you so much to everyone who participated, we were totally overwhelmed with the HUGE response! stay tuned into the blog for more competitions coming soon....does anyone like shoes ;)
the runner up, "slipping in" to the number two spot was....number six!
the second runner up, was the "one and only" number seven!


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

erica + matt

erica has been my best friend since 6th grade! i have been so blessed to have her in my life over the many years. she is now engaged to an equally cool man and i couldn't be more happy for her!!! it was such a trip shooting their engagement session on saturday. here is this girl i've known longer than anyone else, since back when i was troublemaking 12 year old punk...and there i was going to lunch with her and my family and then shooting an engagement session. weird.

anyway, we went over to a middle school by our house for their session and had a blast! i figured it would be only fitting to shoot at a middle school since that is where our friendship began :) erica and matt are SO cute together and it was awesome to see them so happy and full of laughter! here are some of my favorites....


B&H photo and video


happy weekend to everyone! a few quick things....

* a HUGE THANK YOU to the 600+ visitors who voted for your favorite ring shot...we were totally blown away by the turnout!!! we will be posting the results from the 2006 ring shot contest on monday....check in to see which ring will rule them all! the votes are cloooooooose!

* if you haven't had a chance to check out the "resources" tab in the navigation menu up top...take a few minutes to peek inside. we've been updating the "for the client" section with lots of helpful information. also, check out the "cool links" for some new movies of grace, some personal slideshows, and lots of fun and interesting links to the rest of the web!


the mystical balloon dance!

last night grace treated us to the top secret mystical ballon dance she's been perfecting for months! sit back and marvel at the beauty, the finesse, the utter magnificence :)



the lee wedding

february 10th, 2007 . the athenaeum at cal tech pasadena

we have been counting down the days until george and hannah's wedding since their engagement session last month! they are both two of the sweetest, coolest, most genuine people you could hope to know. their wedding took place at the athenaeum on the caltech campus which was such a gorgeous location! it was supposed to rain hard all day on saturday but everyone dodged a bullet and we had beautiful blue skies all day :)

we don't have another wedding for a while so this post is going to be BIG...sit back and enjoy!
this tassle has been passed down for many generations in hannah's family...and of course, the gorgeous dress that george's mom made!
da shoes!
hannah had such a blast hanging out with her friends and family while they were getting ready.
meanwhile i had to brave the unfriendly streets of downtown LA to make it over to george and hannah's uber cool loft for some prep pictures of george. i was of course greeted by the always smiling george :)
george looking like s stud getting dressed...and the best man sneaking a peak at his precious cargo :)
then it was off to caltech for a quick game of foozeball before the day's festivities began...
george and hannah's first sight was so touching!
since they decided to see each other before the ceremony it gave us plenty of time to play around and get some great pictures of the two of them!
and the bridal party...
george's parents before the ceremony...and hannah with her dad :)
the ceremony was very emotional....check out that tear on hannah's cheek as she looks at george during the vows!
the cocktail hour :)
george having some laughs with his cousins.
the grand entrance and first dance.
george was so cute....during the cake cutting he busted out his waiter moves!
the athenaeum had all these kinda creepy paintings of professors hanging everywhere...
of course the party was rocking after dinner...even the kids were on the floor!
here's us with the happy couple, another amazing couple who's wedding we shot in 2006, and liz and her husband eric who actually referred the other two to us! thanks for a great night guys!
and of course...we couldn't forget the rings!!! this first one was taken on a drawing that one of the little kids drew for hannah :)
zen rings :)
ooooo....and i almost forgot this gem!!! this gentleman flew in from taiwan to make it to the the end of the reception the time differnce was certianly taking a toll on him :)



got crabs?

my dad took this hilarious shot fo grace yesterday! apparently this was her first time seeing a crab in real life...what a reaction :)




happy valentine's day everyone!!!

a little love note from grace....and elmo and big bird :)


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