nissou*: hey guys, this is an old post I know but I'm a fan of your work. I have to photograph kids in the same kind of situation very soon... and it's a specific environment and I want to be sure to not go wrong. which lens and technical stuff did you use for these ones? can you please help me with your advices? thank you very much and keep up the good work, I'm a daily visitor :)
Melissa E Earle: Ok, so after I looked at these photos, I got my TWO BEST models out and followed them around! I can't wait to post them on my blog cause "Ring around the Rosey" in the best light with a blonde headed little girl and her little bro are CRAZY awesome. THANK YOU for inspiring me this dull morning!
Chels: I'm reading down your blog and ooo'n and awe'n with just the images but when I get to your daughters tumble class and her shirt lifted up over her head, busted me out in laughter. SOOO funny! You two seem to really have a kick in the pants life. Thanks for sharing it. I'm all smiles!
.hannah.: ROFL. i love the one of her with her shirt pulled over her head!! it's so great watching her grow up, so thanks for sharing. :)
catherine lucas: way to go! Brits are so paranoia about kids and camera's. They have no clue about what beauty they are missing. The one where she is hoovering above the slide made my heart skip a beat. Of course, they are kids, they can fall and come down in strange angles, but they will go on... Great series!
karen: hilarious!!!! Love it! I taught preschool gym for about 7 years... nobody so much fun as miss grace in my class! hehehehe! She is just hilarious!
Lanne: Grace... such a fitting name - I particularly like the way she gracefully wears her T over her head. hahahahaha.. LOVE IT. Makes me want to tumble.. opps.. hurt my back just thinking about leaping from the pole! LOL Thanks for Sharing!
Sherri: I love the pic of her laughing with her group of friends. Very cute!
cares: I wanna come play! I can tumble! ok, the one with her uh, "hiding"...hysterical!
Cheryl: Oh my goodness gracious! Those pictures are just absolutely wonderful! So vibrant and full of color! Your dd has quite the personality, doesn't she?
amelialyon: I was wondering when you were going to post some stuff from Grace's tumbling class...she looks like she really enjoys it!
april greer: these photos deserve an award, i almost fell out of my chair when i saw the pic of her with her belly exposed and shirt over her head. HILARIOUS STUFF!!!! thank you for making me smile!!! she's so full of life!
seth mondragon, zelo photography: the outcome of #4 does NOT look promising! Haha, I hope she landed on her feet!
Kelly K: Grace laughing could brighten anyone's day! thanks for many parents asked you to shoot their kiddos too??
Cammeron Kaiser: Omgosh, that pic of her with her shirt over her head is sooo funny. It reminds me of the crazy things my girls do! Hahaha
mandy: I love the one with the shirt covering her face, she seems to be soo full of life! What a fun time she must be having!
Dianna Baker (Blog Stalker :): Love the photo with the shirt covering the face. I could so see my 4 year doing that, actually, I think I have. :)