s.hui (aug 05): wedding disasters was the only question i had for you while we were interviewing you back in feb 05. you had us at hello!!!
C: Sorry i sent you an email....before seeing that i could post here! duh! i think you guys are amazing photographers and if people magazine dosn't want you... know they are idiots! and I don't say that lightly...another magazine is sure to scoop you up! this is so cool for you guys...as i like to say when i get really happy and I feel like i could explode... "its triple back flips and side lunges kind of day!" c
.hannah.: Wahoooo!! Such rockin' news!!!!! Congrats you two, you deserve it. I'm keeping everything crossed for you guys- can't wait to hear the great news. :)
Margo: That's so great! I'm excited to see what you come up with.
Ashley: I love your site and check it all the time. I am so excited for you guys! You definitely deserve it! And I can't wait to see all the pictures from the business that mag generates for you!
corinne delis: wohoo! Now that is just so freaking cool! huge congrats! corinnexxx
Julie Hill: That's so awesome! Yay for you! :)
mandy k.: yay! how great is that...i'm people, you're people, you take pictures of people...it just fits. i'll break down and buy it - and do my best to ignore the latest about Anna Nicole. :) love ya.
cares: SWEET! That is AWESOME!
Cheryl: WOW!!! Congrats to you!!!
erica w and matt r: Congrats do you 2. That's awesome news, although I can't say I'm surprised. You guys rule. :)
amelialyon: Wow, that's amazing news guys....I really hope you get it!!!! You deserve it!
kpeck: WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Pellette: OMG thats so awesome Congrats.. wheeee for you guys..
michele: pinch me - do I actually know you guys??? that is amazing. i knew i loved people mag for a reason, now all the more... congratulations my friends!
Kelly K: if this isn't big time I don't know what is!!! CONGRATS you both deserve it!
Cammeron Kaiser: Hurrrayyyy!!!!!!
luke and shana: Yowsers! We're definitely buying that issue. But, we can say we're not surprised. We fell in love with your pictures the moment we saw them - so is everyone else!
Deann: Wow! Congrats! Now I can brag that "I knew you when!"
Shabby Miss Jenn: OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You all soooo deserve that You take PHENOMENAL pictures!!!!!!
Cathy: Oh my goodness, that's so awsome! Congrats! :)
Kip: I'm not surprised that People has heard of you two. You're on the fast track and are wonderful!
maureen porto: unblur the number - we want to call Bethany and campaign for you!!
Karen: HOW stinkin' awesome! Just remember us little people when you get all famous now....
Lindy: Congratulations you two! You are the best!
Falyn Cahall: Amazing guys!!! Huge congrats to you!
Dan: Best of luck guys, your work is amazing! Make sure you post up the results when it hits the stands!
Lanne: PINCH Bout time they caught on. hehe. LOVE your work.. and everyone else will too. YAY for you guys.. what a great milestone!
erwin: Good job guys!... totally well deserved!! Congrats! :)
Kirsty: Congrats, you guys deserve world coverage your the it!!!!!
Meghan: It's about time... my mom and I view this blog all the time for inspiration while we're planning my wedding. All we ever say is that we can't believe you guys are not world renowned yet... I guess the time has come. :) You most definitely deserve the recognition. Your work is unbelievable!
Angela: So Cool!! I can't wait to see it - you guys totally rock.
Karla - Looking towards Heaven: no surprise here! you all deserve any and all recognition you receive! (and with my special go-go-gadget spy anti-blur glasses, I can read that #... ;) blessings, Karla
Andreanna: HOLY CRAP! That is so awesome, I would be shocked if you didn't get it!! You guys totally deserve it :)
tara w: holy shite! thats RAD you guys.
Patti Schmidt: That's awesome- congratiulations!! We subscribe to People, so I look forward to seeing you in our mailbox. :)
neal carpenter: Amazing! Work hard, do good work, and people will notice. Can't wait for the issue.
angel swanson: oops almost forgot... *PINCH*!
angel swanson: congrats!!! i definitely like your chances. :-) the first thing i thought when i read your scanned memo above: "amazing love story"... karen and erik!
reg: WOAH!! that is so so cool! congrats!!! and keep us posted so i can buy the issue!!!
Brittany: OH. MY. GOSH. How cool!!!! The other peeps are right. You guys TOTALLY DESERVE THIS. Woohoo!
Scot: OH MY GOSH! How amazingly awesome! You both TOTALLY deserve it
abraham: awesome! your work deserves to be on everyone's "top lists". American Photo had their "10 best wedding photographers" list but your work was so much more creative and fun than all the peeps they listed! seriously!
justin . lyon: AMAZING! I keep telling you that you're kind of a big deal, and you just laugh! Look who's laughing now! That's incredible!!! NICE WORK KAISERS! Once again, rocking the photo world!
Lynsey: is your head about to fall off of your body from being so huge? :) Kidding--big, huge congrats--I like your chances too and I don't even know about them! Lots of hard work and big talents have got you guys far.
Misty: Thats awsome, Congrats!