grandma & grandpa: we are so excited and proud of you. congratulations. you two are awesome.
Karen M: Well deserved acknowledgement of great talent. Congrats! You guys are always awesome, but the Angel/Erik photos were spectacular...
carrie: congratulations!!! you belong on the top of the heap - both of you ;) -c
erwin: DUUDE!!!... those are killer stuff! Congrats!
Julie Hill: OMG... congrats AGAIN you guys!!! You deserve every single one of these awesome accolades!
db: My personal favorite is the 2nd place winner. Did you sneak onto the set of 300 for that shot? That sky is incredible. Great job you two. Keep doing what you do... inspiring all of us.
Mollie: WoW! Congratulations! This is awesome! You are well deserving of this! There isn't a doubt in my mind that you guys are the best out there!
amelialyon: The Kaiser's are rocking this world!!! I'm so glad that we are friends!!!! Congratulations!
Tracy & Tony: It's so nice when the rest of the world recognizes excellence like we all do =) CONGRATS!! Angel & Erik's session was brilliant, just brilliant. I was looking at some of the movie stills from 300 last night and some of the colors and the vivid detail reminded me of this session - so emotional and strong. T&T
mandy k.: The first two are two of my all-time fave Kaiser Kreations. There needs to be another word for breathtaking...perhaps "getting your lungs squeezed with vice-grips" is a bit too graphic?
cat and adi: beautiful photos and two fabulous models. you guys rock!! see you in vegas.
angel & erik: that is SOO awesome!!! we're truly excited for both of you; no one is more deserving! xoxo hope we can get together soon and celebrate!!
kim: top of the heap??? you're king of the heap!! love the em'!
Sherri: Congrats-you deserve all the kudos you get (I'm sure your heads are HUGE by now!) LOL.
Kara Elmore: Another stunning image from the fabulous Nate!
Seth Mondragon, Zelo Photography: Way to go Nate! Back when you posted the photos of Angel & Erik I knew they were somethin' special. Great job and congrats!
Wendy: You continue to bring great news day after day. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
ed: woo hoo!!!!!
Addie: Congrats! This is great! Angel & Erik's pictures have been one of my favorites! Way to go!
deAnne : nate, you are awesome! i admire your photography talent so much. you deserved all the recognition you get. congratulations!!
shana & luke: Wow! We are in awe of your pictures as usual. I know we've already seen these, but seeing them again just makes us excited for our upcoming pictures. Everyone who we've shown your blog to is completely stunned at your photography. :)
Cindy: Congrats!! Totally deserved. I wish I could redo my wedding just to have you guys photograph it. :)
michele: How absolutely wonderful. Fantasitic photos. Congratulations!!
kpeck: CONGRATS!!!! Very well deserved!!! :)
Jamie: DUDE!!! Congratulations on the big time winnings! Woo hoo! You two are most certainly numero uno in my book. When I grow up I want to be just like you. :)
Shii: Congratulations! They are amazing!! Well deserved.
Elizabeth Pellette: Congrats.. as always your work rocks..
lanne: You guys are always number one with me! Congratulations!!! YAY for you!! I continue to be inspired!
maureen porto: unbelievable portraits! i had no doubt you would clean up at that contest. the images from that shoot are the best I've ever seen. ever. keep up the great work and please please please schedule some photoshop workshops for us!
sara anthony: well deserved! congrats.
eadwine: haha, at first i thought i was seeing things when i clicked and saw your name like "too many times" haha.way to go dude!!
Mia Clapton: Congrats guys. A worthy win if you ask me. Those images are fantastic. Wish you were in Australia to photograph my wedding. Ummm...hang on...just need to get the groom sorted out :o)
Fred: I saw this on their website...just a small testament to your talent and ability!
Melissa F: This is an honor that is highly deserved!!! Congratulations for making it to the very top! Thank you for sharing your passion with us on this wonderful blog.
Anne: It's about time they put you on the top shelf where you belong! Stunning imagery and in the perfect place to show it off!! Congratulations!!!
Maria: Awww....Angel is a friend, and she looks FANTASTIC!!! These photos are amazing! Congrats! ;)
Erica W and Matt R: Congrats! That is amazing. You guys deserve it! Rock on! Lots of love!
yvonne: i'm surprised this haven't happened sooner! congrats! bow down to the master...
Ray: You own the AGWPJA, dude. Keep on rockin & hope to see you in Vegas!
Anne: Congratulations! Well deserved. You have such style. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your commentaries on your blog!
AshleyG: Ummmmm....those pictures are simply fantastic.