Tracy & Tony: Savor every minute Nate - you deserve it! Never lose that spark deep inside. It's what makes you a brilliant artist! Tracy
amelialyon: Man, Justin is soooooo bumbed he couldn't make it out there with you guys! I can't wait to see the shots you got!
angel swanson: it sounds liberating! enjoy your day; can't wait to see the outcome!
teana: oooh, very pretty. enjoy the time away. i wish i could just take off that easily.
Kelly K: I can't wait to see what you took! Enjoy your day!
Erica W: Hope you had fun!
jay reilly: have a good time!! oh wait, I am going!
jamie : so glad you signed your name...although, i figured it was you since you mentioned your "man"cation. thanks. enjoy your time out.