a. gomez: Love this! Love cupcakes!
Tracy & Tony: she gets more and more adorable every day =) Trace
Erica "W": Where's the proof of these cupcakes, eh? I think I need to sample them...mmm...cupcakes for breakfast--sounds GOOD!
nissou*: oh i'm so jealous. it should be nice to be happy when it's raining.. maybe it's because i'm living in belgium that i don't appreciate it as you? :) by the way, i just discovered your site and i LOVE your work!
carrie: cupcakes are in the air! finn and i just made cupcakes sunday. love those big eyeballs on little grace! -c
Kim: I love this child and her expressions! and wish I could make such cool cupcakes with her:)
Lanne: Maybe she just realised where eggs come from?
kaern: ps. I have those very same cupcake holders in mini form in my pantry right now!
Karen: Cupcake will comment first! Yippee! We love cucpcakes.. well.. that is my business name too.. but we love them! I give them out at the end of my sessions!! Grace is just reflecting upon the day I had today! Hahahaha!! Thanks for the great pick me up shot! And for Cupcakes! yippee!