Danielle Rabbat: I am SO glad you posted this! In Ontario we can choose where our electricity comes from, so our house (and studio) is run entirely by Bullfrog Power. It's 100% green energy. http://www.bullfrogpower.com/ I'm surprised that it only cost you $250 per year to offset 2 cars, your home and your studio. It cost me an extra $30 a month for Bullfrog power ($360 a year). My husband and I live in a 3 bedroom 1200 sq. ft. bungalow. Going carbon neutral on our Mazda 3 cost me over $200 (for 20, 000KM) Canadian. David Suzuki's site is an excellent resource for going cabon neutral. He also lists organizations that can help you go carbon neutral in various countries: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/Climate_Change/What_You_Can_Do/carbon_neutral.asp My neighbour just started an excellent green challenge blog that would make a big difference if we all partook! It is called the One Drop of Rain campaign "Just as raindrops come together to create great things, we can come together as humans to recreate a clean, green planet. " http://www.onedropofraincampaign.blogspot.com/ Last month's challenge was to bring your own bags to the grocery store. TThis month's is to stop using fabric softener. The more people who do these challenges, the healthier our planet (and ourselves) will be! I'm glad you went carbon neutral! I hope many others follow(ed) suit after reading this!!!
lauren: It's funny how the skeptic is anonymous, at least have some balls and sign your name! Kudos to The Image Is Found for going neutral!!!
Tracy & Tony: In the midst of huge posts ours will be a teeny one. Kudos. You guys have hearts as big as your lenses ;)
Lanne: I am signing up for this (i cant find an australian equivalant but we are one world and it all helps). We have big water issues here. We dont use any water we dont have to (includes not watering plants etc). We have four min showers, energy eff. bulbs (huge bill savers too!) and buy green electricity from our supply company. We own smaller cars, recycle as much as possible and dont get bags if we can avoid it. This week we started really turning off power at the wall... (we say we try but now we are doing it) ... it all helps. every lil bit! Thanks for showcasing this so we can all do our bit.
Peter : As a scientist I feel it is necessary to put in my two cents. Whether or not you choose to believe that global warming is occurring is quite inconsequential. The fact of the matter is that global warming is real, it is a natural process, and human activity has intensified it. In my opinion the reason that so many people have a problem accepting this fact and therefore make little effort to try and change there ways is because we are so used to a threshold. For example, if your temperature is over 100.0° F you have a fever, and by that some logic, when the global temperature reaches X°F we have hit global warming. This is illogical because no human being was alive the last time the earth had a fever (the last time global sea level was this high was approximately 122,000 years ago)! I don’t want to bore you with scientific data (but look at a global sea curve for the past million years, not the past 50!) I merely want to impart on you that whether or not you choose to accept the FACTUAL data that supports global warming should not matter. If you truly love our life, if you don’t want our children to live in a world where SPF 50 is mandatory than act a bit more responsively just in case all those scientists are right.
kiko: I just have to respond to the Anonymous poster below. OISM, and the argument it peddles, has no standing among the scientific community, as evidenced by this quotation from the National Academy of Sciences: "even given the considerable uncertainties in our knowledge of the relevant phenomena, greenhouse warming poses a potential threat sufficient to merit prompt responses. Investment in mitigation measures acts as insurance protection against the great uncertainties and the possibility of dramatic surprises." And the "17,000 scientists" number is a hoax. Google OISM and you can find all this stuff out for yourself. LET'S FIX THIS PLANET BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
Sherri: I'm glad someone who has a 'cyber' voice is speaking up. Does anyone wonder why we have these crazy storms and bizarre weather patterns? Hello? Global warming is no longer a 'future' issue...its here and now and if we don't at least try to make a difference I would hate to think of what our future generations will endure. Thanks for the reminder! :-)
carrie: good for you guys! i do believe we are all contributors to global warming, and we should all WANT to be a part of the solution. -c
Anonymous: No doubt we need to take care of our planet; however, the theory of human caused global warming, and individuals' carbon footprint is just that... a theory. And I might add that it is a theory which has very one sided coverage by the media. To anybody who is actually interested in researching for themselves and getting both sides of the issue, check out what over 17,000 scientists have to say: http://www.oism.org/pproject/s33p357.htm