Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photography: Rocking booth! Hope you booked tons of brides.
Lucy Manalo: Duuuuuuuuuude! That is the BEST BOOTH EVER!!! You guys just totally took it to the next level of AWESOME!!! You are an inspiration!!!
Chung Nguyen: That looks totally kick-ass. Wouldn't 'expect any less from you guys. Wowsahs!
Rudolf: this is insane! your efforts for presenting your product is just mind blowing. i bow. wow. seriously amazing stuff. inspiration to pull my finger out! great job guys, great job.
Andi Diamond: LOVE this display. Just found your site- rockin' work! Seriously!
Brie: Oh wow, this is incredible. I love everything about it!
cindy Lowe: BEST. BRIDAL. BOOTH. EVER!! I'm super impressed that you guys built everything from scratch. Love the design and everything about it!
ashley: beyond amazing!! i'm so impressed right you want me to add carpenter to your business cards???
Julie Cruz (Lot116): SO awesome!
kevin layton: i was totally waiting to see this booth and it is mind blowing. so awesome guys, far more than what i expected.
small: Whoa! That booth is amazing!
Michelle Guzman: Amazing bridal booth!
Daniel Balboa: You both are insane. I think that's why I love you both so much. I'm in awwwwwww of your booth. However I did something at a smaller scale and it took me some time to set up at the show. Hope it went well!! :-)
erika verginelli: You guys rock! Period!
Rich Park: i cannot believe this was built from scratch ... the booth looks amazing! definitely indicative of the image is found style
Katie: This looks incredible!!! I'd love to build something with wood panels above my desk. Hard to do? :) Or could I have my hubby figure it out?
Vania - SimplyBloom Photography, LLC: this is w/o a doubt the BEST booth at a bridal show e.v.e.r all your hard work paid off and more!
Sara: This is fantastic! I love how you stay true to yourself, your style, and your personality in every aspect of your business and art. Such an inspiration! :)
Aubrey: Holy piss balls! This looks amazing! all that hard work payed off! Great job!!!
Trude: So, so awesome! Totally worth all the hard labor. I'm sure a structure like that really stood out amidst all the shabby chic blech stuff. :)
mary dougherty: yep this is amazing. how do you top this?
Michael Wachniak: This looks fantastic! I love the LCDs in the column o' wood. ;) Bravo!
geneoh: are you kidding me?! this is how its done.
Rafa: Congrats guys, super nice!
James Moes: It's refreshing to see interesting merchandising at typically drab wedding tradeshows.
Emily @ Southern Weddings: Ohhhh it looks so good, you guys! Congratulations!!
Lisa: It's beyond gorgeous! amazing! Question - when do you people sleep????
Emilie: This is amazing!!! Bravo les Kaiser!!
Philip: It's clear that a massive amount of work was involved with the construction of this booth. It is totally representative of both your style and your brand. Awesome job. For realz.
Xanthe Roxburgh: Awesome, it looks so good! And there's Cam and Lee on the back wall!
Marieke: Amaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!! AND very inspiring.... You deserve a lot of enquiries.
kimi b: you.are.magical.
angela hubbard: sweet guys. great job
angel swanson: amazing!!! the booth looks beyond incredible! :)
bethany: ah-may-zing. i'm pretty sure no one at a bridal show has EVER SEEN SOMETHING like that. EVER. vendor or bride. hope you got a ton of inquiries and get to choose your bookings :D
Wes Hope: Can you guys please suck at SOMETHING. You're really making the rest of the world look bad.
Diana Elizabeth: i saw the tweet of the first panel and i can't believe it turned so amazing! awesome job!! i love it! you've inspired me for my booth in january! xp
moo: wow...jaw is still hanging open. ridiculous.
Maggie: WOW... WOW... WOW...!!! What else is there to say...??!!!
David L: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is INSANE. I mean, I knew your images were awesome, but I've looked through this post twice, and my jaw is still dropped. This is amazing.
Your Mom: I hope you made an ungodly amount of bookings and money from this beast of a booth :) Looks sooooo kick-ass (as always with you guys) but also looks like an ass-ton of work ;) You guys killed it!!! Epic job.
benjamin: that is super-beautiful guys! you have a design style that is out of this world! good on-ya!