ginny: Agreed. After two great family sessions with you guys a couple years ago, we've moved to Tampa and are looking to get photos done before the huz deploys again. It's a sad sea of over posed, matching white shirts and khakis cheez o rama. I realize your bread n' butter will always be weddings but your family/kids portraits are something special too.
Alexander Gardner: LMAO! That's just what I want to hear from all of my clients! That's gold and good on you for hitting their mark! Please give them a hug for me!
Estella: Totally agree with that compliment. I'm not even engaged and I know definitively that you're the only ones I want photographing my wedding! :)
Lindsey Bledsoe: I completely, wholeheartedly agree. You guys are very inspiring!
Magalie Narang: I'm in agreement with that person.
Hannes Uys: Awesome!
Ross Frazier: Is that the new iphone4....? I don't see any pixels in that picture... ;) hahaha
Emilie: So true!!!!!
Christina Dely: Hands down, the best text message ever! Your work is incredible :)
bobbi: nice! where's your paragraph?
Ian McDowell: Hilarious!!! So true. I'm want to be you guys, I'm working on it. Thanks for being some of that sweet inspiration.