Hulie Hinze: This wedding was shrouded in Love for everyone who attended as they witnessed the blessed wedding of the history of the world. The angels in heaven smiled down on the happy bride and groom. May they create their new home with the strong and abundant love their parents have showered on them since their births.. May their love go out to the Universe and shine upon everyone in the world.
neva: Beautiful)))
NannyC : Visiting these photos brings great happiness. What I learned...wise Daddys start dancing with daughters early...the practice makes perfect! Cherish these memories. Is there more cake? The whole weekend divine, as are the couple, M&B.. Love, N
Kelly Taylor: So many great shots but in love with the reflection of the brides maids!!
Robert Giardina: Judy & I had a great time at the wedding, and the pictures captured the many "great moments" perfectly.
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Ural Gareev: >D835==> @51OB0! >;LH>5 A?0A81> 87 >AA88:)
Kate@uber: The shot of the bridal table with everyone toasting is one of the most fantastic images I have seen in ages. You guys never stop blowing me with your creativity....
Becca S: What a beautiful crowd and spectacular couple, that bride and groom! Shed a tear or two at the beauty of it all.
Bob Murrin: As Father-of-the-Bride, I must say these photos far exceeded our expectations... What was amazing was that Nate and Jacklyn were totally invisible and in the background... I don't recall even seeing them at the event... maybe cause my eyes were on the beautiful bride. Thanks Nate and Jacklyn! we'll cherish these forever.
Amie Schroeder: too truly was awesomexinfinityz+1.
Laura: Awesome wedding you guys! I always enjoy your work and seeing a full wedding of yours totally rocked my socks off! The sincere, fun storytelling captured by your images is truly inspiring. Legitness.
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Brooke: LOVE the first sight. This is what I wanted at my own wedding. But our parents were to frickin' nosy and it was a bust. But this - her face is priceless. I also LOVE that you shared the whole set - congrats to the new mr and mrs!
Ariel Renae: Yay!!!!!! full wedding post. thank you :) LOVE. IT. YEP.
todd hunter mcgaw: hellio Tenielle, fancy meeting you here :) I hung out wit N&J last november in Syd & can personally confirm their awesomeness.. you can borrow my notes of radness until they return to OZ, they're all in my head but i access them regularly.. see you guys soonies mehopes..
Christopher Vaughn: Once again. WOWZERS! Thank you, as always, for setting the bar higher and keeping the love ignited!
todd hunter mcgaw: dudes.. you excel in the field of radness!.. the pics of B&G separately behind the door.. & the palms.. super-dooper!
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