Matt and Katie | Photographers: My left eyeball just exploded. Brilliant.
Arlen: Great shot........
adam kealing: awesome. awesome. awesome!
Ana Maria Seaton: Ok, I think that is one of the coolest shots ever. Fabulous capture!
tangie: no way!! it looks as if they are peeking out of a box... fabulous.
christopher vaughn: genius.
Aaron: Seriously awesome shot!
lisak: Honey I shrunk the bride and groom! Priceless!
Derek Frenzel: This picture needs a sound effect- bink! Love it!
Geo: I have to smoke after this one.... well done!
todd hunter mcgaw: dude.. you are off the chain !!! this exceeds all earthly radness!
dont smile now: and I see why!
Uh Oh its NickO: This is AWESOME! Great Job!
kelli taylor: that is crazy! kinda looks like they're in a HUGE box or something!
Ariel Renae: uh. may. zing. cannot wait to see the rest! really...cant wait.
andi: oooo la la!!!
Oh Snap!: My mind is blown Nate!
Alice G Patterson: Looks like they are sitting in a wedding cake... so fun!
Josh Green: That's rad!
Brian: this is crazy awesome. can an awesomer image exist? I think not.
Emilie: WOW!!!!!
Kate Whitmore: your MINDS blow my mind! it is so awesome to me that you saw this location, envisioned it, and executed it. so freaking great.
Lisa Dunham: Honey! I shrunk the couple! Very cool. Looks like they are peeking out of a giant laundry hamper. :D
Heather Culley: Very cool image! I love the simplicity, yet uniqueness.
alec vanderboom: EPIC! Voltron quite possibly.
Brian Lausch: BLOWN!