Lori Moss: So brilliant in its final simplicity! I had to stare at it to see just how complicated it must have been to execute (your instructional list helped too :). Awesome as always~\!
heather h : Your so Awesome! Love it!
kent west: suhweet, thanks for the how to as well. Muito bom!
paola: when i grow up, i wanna be just like you! that's awwwwesome!!
cash: looks like the famous BCBG ads
ali b.: A+ for amazingly awesome & inspirational!
duane: that is flipping fantabulous!! great idea.
ajira: Way, WAy, WAY awesome!!
erin jordan: nate, just love love your work.........thought it was time to stop by and check out your latest highlights, and look what I stumbled across. You are so talented, miss you around and that amazing family of yours! xx
Jon Morton: Thanks man!! Totally just downloaded it, and am now claiming it as my own... ORRRR, it takes pure confidence in how awesome you are to leave that option out there. Kudos, this shot is ridiculous. Jon
MFMG: Nice Work. I would like to correct Angie on this one. "Only Nate can come up with an idea like this." Lots of us photogs can shoot it, but this one is obviously Nate's brainchild. VERY COOL, I hope you sold one big enough to help you get the Audi's windows retinted after your fix-it ticket.
brooke bowland: you are all sorts of crazy. LOVE IT!!
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ohana photographers - kimi: you'll always be my fav.
tiffany: my friends actually did something like this last year...granted, it wasn't as glamorous...but it looks pretty fun and similar to your pic! (i included a link of the pic as my "website")
Alex Halladay: Yep. Coolest thing I've ever seen.
Chris Hunt: I like this, seriously.
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Ginette Sundin: Most impressive picture E.V.E.R. It was the super classy sheet method that got me though...that is what makes the picture a hit for me. Amazing guys, amazing.
mariel: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) *hat tip* to you.... A+++++! :D
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Hi-Fi Weddings: SUCCESS!!! This looks wonderful!
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Crystal: totally wicked!
Yolanda: I think I could handle the photoshop part, but doubt I would ever conceive or pull off the photograph(s). I love that you shared the technique with us. Have you seen this video about content aware fill in CS5? Insane! http://kottke.org/10/03/photoshop-5s-magical-fill-tool
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Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG: Dude.... you guys are insane. That's totally fun!
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