Emilie: Hey guess what??? I'll be attending your workshop this year!!!!! Yay!!! :D
Emma: OMG....that looks like too much fun! Christine from Click is the bomb!
MFMG: Glad to see you're getting blog-busy lately again. Excellent work as always. I wish I could afford to bring you to Idaho for my wedding/engagement photos.
jacqart: I NEED to know what SONG that is!!
alanhudson: How about a shoot shop in Nashville? wink wink nudge nudge.
KELLI TRONTELL: Ohhh how FUN! love the video. alot.
anda: i love powerlines! i love these images!
Dom: you make it look so fun.... RiP to the pocket wizard.. pourin' out a little liquor the B&W of the couple looking up is my favorite of the whole series
tim tab: good stuff - seriously luv em all.... ok I take it back. The one with them lying down personally gives me the eeby jeebies (sp check?) haha - but you know - you do what you want and that's cool! way to rock the rest of them out! especially the second one - pretty close to life changing.
Dj: Soooo Fun!!
Kelly Mendoza: Holy AMAZING images!
Abra Michelle: You guys are just too much fun. How can you contain it all? ;)
s h e r r y: These are AMAZING. I seriously love the one where he jumps over her head...
Lillie: This makes me want to come to Oceanside just for another PARTY. You guys were rad! Thanks again!
Allie Love: You blow my mind-hole!!!
Allie Love: You blow my mind-hole!!!
Marissa Rodriguez: That slide show is aaaaawwwwwesome!!!!
Jonathan "I love walnut prawns" Encarnac: Sweeet! Diggin' the MOS!
Emilie: That video is awesome!!! One day, I'll attend one of your workshops, I swear I have to do it once in my life! ;))
christine kufske: Im still floating from the amazing shoot shop with you guys. How freakin cool to go on to your blog today and see my name mentioned with shared photos. You guys made my freak'n day! EPIC is the word that comes to mind! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend YOUR SHOOT SHOPS!!
Ashley: good grief that slideshow makes me wanna head that way and become y'alls bff! looks like so much fun! i'm gonna go check the funds and talk it over with the biz partner about trying to attend your next shootshop!
Brooke Palmer: The pics look RAD!
Alex Nelson: Awesome! A few of my behind the scenes shots from 3/5 http://www.alexnelsonphotography.com/blog/2010/03/image-wppi-las-vegas/
Mariel: awww...I want to join one of your workshops one day. they look like a lot of fun and i could definitely learn a thing or twenty-five.
julie: these turned out great! Sorry about the pocket wizard but look how worth it it was! Love these. That was a fun day! Thanks for everything.
paul: thx for sharing the behind the scenes slide show!
bobbi: fantasticooooo! And what cute couples! Badabooooom badabinnnnnng!